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Hi all,

I know others like to look at UK shares too so this week I'll share the set ups that I think look best for Tuesday. With all of them I'll be watching intraday to see how they behave, if they go against the direction I expect and through adjacent S/R levels I won't touch them. I also take note of the overall market and try and trade with it's trend.

5 possible trades:

CW. - Long - Harami like formation on Friday, hammer and CCI has hooked up. Near support.

RTR - Short - Near resistance, divergence on CCI.

CPI - Long - Near support. Doji on Friday. Waiting for CCI to hook up.

GKN - Short - Near resistance, divergence on CCI, quite a few hammers/dojis about recently

WOS - Short - Shooting star/hammer like candles about marking topping. Divergence on CCI.

Would welcome any views/comments.
Hi Helen

RTR is a favourite of mine. It seems to fall out of favour every so often and then falls far further than is expected. Once it starts an upwards move it is usually solid and will keep on going far further than the chart would suggest. Assuming the Dow does not produce anything untoward on Monday then other than a scalp or short term swing I would not expect RTR to give up anything significant. I was long on RTR from 89 to 124 and have closed as I expected a bit of a rest/pullback. I will be looking to long again if there is any reasonable pullback or if the up trend is confirmed.


short Euro/Dollar
short SHP
short NXT
short PRU
short AV.

Pretty well balanced overall :) All positions are sitting at breakeven other than the Euro/Dollar which has surprised me and I am looking to close at a loss if it fails to reverse this week.

Hi John,

When did you start trading currencies? And what's the answer to my e-mail? Will you run a group for me :)
Hi Helen,

did not get the email or any reply to confirm for myself and Peter? Sending it to the right place?

More than happy to run a group or help in any way I can.

Aah currencies. Its only a chart - does it really matter what the name says at the top?

Honesty time i suppose :) I got the nod from another trader that this was really a trade I should be in so put in a low staker to test the water. Certainly volatile and probably a good instrument to trade but I need more time with it before i'm comfortable enough to make it a regular trader. I'll be keeping my eye on it though as it does seem to have everything you want from a day trade - volatility, volume, reasonablish (?) spread etc. Certainly not one for the faint hearted though.

OK sorry, not sure how that happend I'm getting a bit worried about my Hotmail account, things going astray a lot. I mailed you by return to say a) of course there were places for you and Peter b) would you run a group and c) do you think you could find a restaurant for us? (If I do it it goes wrong ;))
No probs with a restaurant.

Pizza House again or pub style beefeater thingy (just down the road from venue and not as bad as it sounds) or centre of town American style place? The choice is yours. Ive limited initially to these three but happy to suggest others if you want.

How about the pubby thing? We've done Italian and Indian so lets do "British". Duard will enjoy that too :) And Mark can get burger and chips :)
No probs. Need a time and numbers and I will get it booked.

Must admit I enjoy the occasional burger too :)

Book for 15, it's a ballpark figure but we can tweak it nearer the time. Timewise I'd go for 6pm. Gives us time to pack up, say fond farewells and get to the pub :)