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being a zimbabwean opposed to mugabe must be difficult but when you start confusing/comparing that with the silliness that goes on at T2W then its obvious that you have lost the plot

this is NOT the real world ! lighten up man !!


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keano said:
Money don't make my world go round. I'm reaching out to a higher ground . - Des'ree

lol, gotta love 'The Office'. I like your quote too though, Fin.

I won't be posting on these boards for a little while. I've chosen to put full time trading on pause for a while until I can comfortably fund a directaccess a/c. I do 'ok' spreadbetting but because of the stakes i play with (generally 1pound per point) I am having trouble satisfying my uncontrollable drinking urges, and would be better off getting a guarenteed wage coming in for a little while. maybe a spot of bare-knuckle fighting....or some temping work through a local job agency. ..Guess which one I start 2morrow?...

Be lucky


Good luck Keano with building up a fund for direct access. It shows you have a plan, something many don't.

Hope to see you back here soon.

Sock it to 'em



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gaza ,

maybe u r right .......maybe I have lost the plot..........what is the plot? maybe u can enlighten me.

the post was trying to get a point over, obviously some will get it some wont...this is no loss to me! I cannot lose what I have already given away.

maybe u should read the post again , maybe not. The post meant something to me & I feel better for sharing a little of his story..............if u have a problem with this or me then it is your problem not mine.

Cheers & good luck



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Well Finlayson ( the pursuer of truth) has kept a few facts from us:

In particular:

Originally posted by Finlayson

"Mr Charts
thx , yes u may call me Jason if u wish. I hope u like the website.........I feel now u have mentioned this I have to explain myself. Coaching is not really something I had set out to do,"

NAZ wrote:

"Well i never.One of the detractors turns out to be another trainer with his own web site.Have some of these guys deliberately tried to upset this site,i wonder.

Last edited by Naz on 08-12-2003 at 09:26 AM"

Any more hidden agenda's peeps?
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as I have said, there is no agenda......people will see what they see.

I just didn't realise that because I have my own website I had to come out & declare it. it is really for people who contact me through previous reviews I have written & wasn't meant for T2W eyes, my fault for putting the URL in the profile.

but as I have said if I have made any previous claims to this in the past then I am open for question.

does T2W have a monopoly on the internet.......I am not allowed to build my own personal website ??



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Wow what can I say? I just wanted to say thanks for all the emails and personal messages everyone has sent to me. I just had no idea of the level of support out there from so many of the silent viewers on this site but I will stick to what I have said and quieten down.

Once again many thanks



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Even the robots have had enough it would seem ?



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:p :LOL: :LOL:


I did enjoy that Bonsai. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:


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"This business is not rocket science, but it does indeed require effort and thought and self discipline and education."

I think the above comment of Mr Charts is spot on. I have 3 out of 4 so far but I am still working on the self discipline which is arguably the most important and crucial attribute of all.


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Would those detractors who have taken to detracting the original detractors please detract from detracting further as I am finding that detraction activity is driving me to detraction
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