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Having found this site about a month ago can I start off by saying what an oustanding site it is. Quite the best - made all the better by the friendliness and willingness to share expertise and experience shown by all contributors. A big thank you (echoed I'm sure over 3700 times) to all who give so freely of their time to make it work. :D :D :D :D :D

I notice that many posts include www links to sites where people may find charts; technical analysis info; data feeds; brokers; etc, etc. Is it possible to create an index of these sites (maybe with a recommend vote or some such) to save trawling through old posts?

Always assuming I've not missed something, of course!

Thanks again for a great site.

Thanks Bonsai and apologies to Sharky - I should learn to do my research properly!

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Hi barjon,

Welcome to the site - glad you like it! As regards a web directory, bonsai quite rightly pointed out our yahoo style directory of sites that cover a wide range of trading topics. However I've often though a more consice, selectinve listing of sites with additional information about each one, and a facility for members to rate and reviews (in much the same way as the review section) - would be a useful addition to the site. If there proves to be a demand for this, then I'll be happy to start work on adding this to the site.


Thanks. Certainly your thought of a more selective listing - maybe restricted to members recommends - with ratings by members would be much more valuable. It occurs to me that such a list(s) might be associated with the new FAQ forum which I hope gets off the ground. It should be fairly easy (although a lot of research work for someone) for the answer to each FAQ to include a list of rated web links. These could then be consolidated to make up a separate directory of the sort you have in mind.

Good trading.

I'll second that. The facility to rate/grade websites, & access reviews by others, would certainly be a worthwhile addition to the site.