Competition w/c 9 April


Hi Sharky,
Can you close ARM at 2.2275 at 9:15 as the board will not accept it.
Hi Chartman,
The oening values were showing zero, I closed as normal, received the confirmation message, which was accepted, except it displayed the Close? message rather than the close pending. This indicated that the close hd not been acepted,

Hope this helps
But did you really want to close it at 231 from an opening price of 239? Surely not....

I didn't have the opening price (I thought it was 244, but 239 is correct) I was trying to close at 222.75, which would have given 10%. I'm happy to live with it ARM will go down 10% or more this week. The price at close is 255, up on the day.

It's difficult with the prices, without?
It's only a bit of fun, I'm grateful for everyone's efforts.

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Ok Joe. It is only a bit of fun, but it is nice to get it right.I know we have a problem with the opens, but rest assured, all of you, that I will ensure correct opens for everybody each Monday evening.If you feel confident that the open price is right, and want to close, you are free to do so. Be warned though, that my postings of the open price in the evening WILL be final.So make sure you really do want to close.
Hi Joe, Martin..

I've updated all the start prices that Chartman has sent me this evening, and I will now close ARM at 222.75. If anyone else has problems then just post your close here. Thanks to Martin, who checks all the start prices to ensure they are correct.

Hi Sharky, Chartman,
It would be unfair in many respects to the others, as I have the advantage of hindsight, I am happy to be disqualified from this competition.

I can honestly say that I hit the close button at 9:15 on Monday with ARM showing at 222.75. Had it worked then that would have been an end to it. Obviously I was prepared to take the profit at that stage.

I'm never much good at shorting at the best of times.

It's no big deal, you're the ref, I accept your adjudication.

Well you've decided to cover your position and posted your intention after you tried and it didn't work I think it can only be fair to close your position on ARM at 222.75 if you so wish...but as Chartman rightly asked, you'll need to confirm your wish..

Maybe we should start using friday close prices as we used to instead of monday open prices which causes confusion and extra work for Chartman and Sharky...

good luck

Is this time to take a poll :
Use Friday's Close.
Use Monday's Open.
I think I would first need to ascertain (with Sharky) if this is gonna upset the apple cart from a technical point of view.....
I'll try and get an answer tonight and maybe we'll run a poll
I'm happy to close as I intended.
Friday's close price would give clarity.
Logistically Friday's close wouldn't be a problem.. it's just a matter of what everyone wants, and thinks is fair.
I'm for the simplest way for it to be run, whatever is decided, its only a fun thing after all.
Hi Sharky,

Tried to close short on LOG at 802 around 9.19am this doesn't seem to have worked...just to let you know...


So is my position on log closed now or you're going to leave me there till I lose all my capital? :)

Hiya Riz,

Don't worry mate, your cries for help have been heard.. and I shall be closing your position as advised. And also updating the prices as soon as I get them from Martin.

Sorry about the probs, they will be sorted one day soon.. just need to find the time. Getting a new computer this week hopefully so that should help alleviate the probs.


Hi Riz, sorry it's taken so long. But you'll be pleased to hear I've updated the prices and you've gone straight to no.1!!! Good luck for the rest of the week, which goes out to all the contestants. Be lucky!!!!