Competition Threads Moved


In the course of tidying up the Bulletin Board and making it as easy to use as possible, we've decided to move everything related to the competitions to a new forum.

Especially since we now have a daytrading competition and the results will be posted in the forum at the end of each day.

good idea...

That's a very good idea, Sharky...that was something attracting my attention..competition threads all over the BB wouldn't provide a good impression of the's best if they are all kept in a separate forum so the main BB can concentrate on discussing shares...


Hi Sharky,

May I have a re-check on the price of Gameplay please. I got the price as opened 60, closed 60. Naturally I will accept your decision.
Thanks Riz, I think so too..

Joe, I must admit it's a bit odd that price. Both III and DLJdirect have it as bid: 57p and ask: 67p, but while DLJdirect have a closing price on 62p, III has 60p. Now even stranger is FTMarketWatch which has a chnage of 0% for the day, but the closing price at the top is 62p, as is the chart. UK-Invest has a last price of 62p, but ADVFN has 60p.

Just goes to show even the large financial websites can't make up their minds.

I wouldn't worry to much about it because no doubt tomorrow morning it will correct itself. So I'll leave it as it is for now.


ps. If there are any discrepencies feel free to post them in the new Competitions forum, and I'll double-check the prices.
Thanks Sharky,
Opened as 63 on my screen and reverted to 60. What an odd share. I'm more than content to go with your prices.