Competition suggestion

Just a thought - it might add some extra interest if we kept a rolling total of the weekly competition results (say from the last eight weeks) to create a league table.

Eight weeks might be a good time period as it is long enough to show consistency and short enough for new comers to join in.

What do you think?
Great idea Darth,

I was thinking of something along the same lines. If anyone else has any suggestions to improve the competition, please add them to this thread, and I'll spend some time this week getting it all ready for next week's competition. You'll also be glad to know we've kept a reocrd of all the previous ranking so a league table will be easy to create.

Keep those ideas flowing mate,
Paul aka Sharky
Good idea Darth. A variant, or in addition to, how about adding-up and keeping a rolling total of the final finishing position each Friday. So, the one with the lowest total is top of the list etc. Just a thought.
Good suggestion Hill, though how should we work it out when not all members have entered all competitions? Should it be an average score after you've entered eg. 5 comps? But I think it will add some zest if we have an overall league table.