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Please enter for me Sharky

REF - Long
SPT - Short

Dont want to talk about this week - another one to you Uncle. Well done Waldorf, by the way how is Stadtler??


ohhh here we go

Short CCH you are the weakest link GOODBYE

Long WES Food glorious food.
Plus talk of a buyout coming from northern foods.

good luck everyone.

Yeah well done Waldorf who ended the week with a total overall profit of £1,489.00, but special mention also to Max who's short Postion on Telecity (TCY) netted an astonishing profit of £1,988.50 and to sloandeepee who was leading overall for much of the week.

I thought I'd leave the week's results up today (Saturday) in case anyone didn't get a chance on Friday to see the final results. But tomorrow, the competition page will be ready for you to enter your long/short epic for next weeks competition. So please enter them also on that page tommorrow.

Very lucky to come out on top, could and probably should have been hammered by Sloandeepee, Maxdamage bulleted on the scene with TCY an amazing short,well done both and good luck for this week.
I'll be trying again with EPF as a long , the news about its US banking license must be due soon, EPF are due a general statement in March and the AGM in April. Dyor as ever.
Stadtler gone on walkabout Cookie after Miss Piggy rejected him again,as if?.
Sharky - You've left me out, surely on past performance I'm not that much of a threat.

I have to rely on you as when I leave on Friday eve I'm generally not back in the office until Monday at open.

Go on Sharky....include Cookie's entry....I would not want to win another in our head to to head because the bus broke down for the opposition.

boo hoo

Well ain't that just my luck i short cch and it falls like a rock, i go long on WES and it stays the same. but didn't read the rest of the thread and find myself out of the comp now.

all i need now is to be struck by lighte AAAArGGGGGHHHHHHH

Our poor sefty...better stop trading for a while..

Right then!

Now I've had a chance to count them, there's quite a few members who posted their entries on this thread over the weekend.

But don't worry it's not too late, I'll add Cookie, Sefty, Jazz, traderx and fredroff tonight. But make sure next time you use the competition entry form if you can.

Good on yer Sharky
would'nt like Uncle John not having the opportunity of giving Cookie another drubbing, even though the mans down after the footy.
All done..

No one should be left out now.. so it's all up for grabs tommorrow!!!

Please also see the other thread in the competition forum about discrepencies in the start price.


BTW do y'll like the idea of having the competition threads in a separate forum or would you prefer to read everyhting within the UK shares forum?)