Competition Entry


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I shan't be back into the Office until 7.30 Monday
so here is my Competition entry.

MONI - Long.
LOG - Long

Slipped on the ICE today otherwise would have been in the Winners enclosure.

What happened this week Uncle John - losing your touch ???

Good luck


Hehe... He is so sure of an approaching rally that he either deleted the word shorting from his trading vocabulary or just doesn't bother to short anything... :))

Don't forget..

To add your entries to the competition page, before 12 midnight tonight. Unless you add them there yourself, I'm afraid they won't be included in the Competition for next week.

Rthakkar - make sure you don't forget!

Cookie - What are we going to do with you and your bullish enthusiasum. Suggestions please?

Good luck for next week,
Sharky...cookie will not be able to make his entry on the comp page...can you do it for him.
And Tx if you're still around are you aware of this entering it yourself.
Don't worry, if anyone does forget after posting them here, I'll add them for this week - as I think some members are still becoming acquainted with the comp. rules.. But cookie can't have two longs as that would be unfair on everyone else, perhaps we'll let him choose tomorrow which to go long on.. and then to pick a short. Unless anyone can think of a better way.

OK Sharky, whatever, i'm happy with, afterall we must give beginners a chance ( says shel falling off his chair laughing)
Competition Ammendments

y2k, added your entries from before market open this mroning. Cookie left you with Logica and Marconi. Dabroom fixed the prob. with ITX (not that you probably wanted me to, doh!)..

Sorry for the mixup with the prices this morning, still not quite perfect.. but getting there :)