Competition Entry w/c 12th March

Updated Starting Prices

Finished updating the start prices! So all the discrepencies found by Chartman are now fixed, these are:


Titus-UK, your Scipher Position isn't going to be automatically updated I'm afraid to say. Simply, our quote feed doesn't recognise that epic, or in fact that company?!?! So please close when you want I will check the price at the time of closure and close at that price.


From next week we will hopefully use a different feed, to make everything as accurate as possible. But despite these hitches I think it's working pretty well.
It sure is working well, Sharky...never mind the hitches we have full trust in you that you'll fix them as they come're doing a great job here mate...once again thanks and well done...

I'd like to echo those sentiments, a least this bit of fun is keeping me from going mad, ....... I've even stopped talking to myself ..... have you ... yes I'm quite normal now.

Thanks for all your hard work, we all do appreciate it

Well Done...

Well Done bis and others of top 10...what a week, it's good still seeing most in +ve...