Competition Entry w/c 12th March


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Well done Dab - you're the man. Unlucky Steve the bridesmaid. Jazz - got any tips ??

My entry for next week please Sharky.

BBA - Long
MTP - Short

Was going for IBI short but thought Riz may still be holding. Maybe I should have shorted it then it is sure to bounce by 10%.

Came with a late rattle today John ( you lucky b****** )

Good Luck all and have a good week-end.

Cookie, CONFIDENCE is the name of the game. See what you can do next week.

Congrats to the winner, and the runner up, who was astute enough to close the long position at about the intra day high on ARM.

Well Done..

Cookie be my guest...I am well out of it..started acting like your monkey anyway..not that I am complaining :)

Well done Dabrom, Steve, and the rest of top ten...good choices to close the week in worries for the rest of us falling behind we'll catch up another time :)

Well done Dab :)

John, i find it dead easy being astute when it's a game, you may recall that i closed my 'real' position the day before ( to benefit Riz hehe) Still a good 9% profit in 3 days.
Lost the enrtry board?

I'll try later but if allelse fails can I have

Short ATN

Black Hole Syndrome..

Hi Joe, it's still there, you just need to go to or click the link at the bottom. Just until I add links across the top of the BB screen.

But for anyone still confused I'll add your competition entries this week.

Cheers, Sharky.
Hi Sharky,
Love the new site.

Can I buy my shares from you please!

Much as I would love to take the glory, would you please check your opening price of 68p for ATN. I got them as opening at 45p and therefore far from making a HUGE profit I should be making a small loss.

However you are the best and wisest judge in all the world and if you want to put me in first place, who could argue with your judgement?


No Chance Joe.... I got my eye on them. All anomalies will be corrected tonight........
Hi Joe,

Like Chartman says, it seems the the stockpoint feed we get just doesn't calculate the start price, therefore every Monday evening, Martin checks the prices against AIQ feed, so until then I'm afraid your just going to have to be the champ!

As yet a child, nor yet a fool to fame,
I lisped in numbers, for the numbers came.

I see you have made the correction, ah well back to oblivion.

Hi Sharky,

I tried to close my short on MONI 3 times about half an hour before market seems not to have worked...why do you think? thought that close button would do the job straight away during market hours..

Also TRK close price is given as 167.5 by both advfn and iii..T2W comp. gives it 165 however...

Thought it would be best to let you know in case something is wrong...


Same problem trying to close ATN at 39.5. No big deal but there is a problem somewhere.

Thanks Joe, Riz...

Not sure what's wrong I'll look into it now.. Riz what was the price you wanted to close at, I'll update the BB. Looks like we'll change from the stockpoint datafeed used by DLJ dreict and FT Marketwatch etc, as clearly there are problems especially with opening and closing prices.

Cheers Sharky,

It doesn't matter...just wanted to bring the close button issue to your attention so you fix it in your good that was the first time I tried that button...not a big deal...

Hi Riz,

Can you tell me what version of Windows you're running and which version of IE or Netscape, it might help to figure out what went wrong. But do let me know what price it was you wanted to close at, it's only fair.


I've closed Joe at 40p and Riz at £4.46 having checked ADVFN.. hope everyone agrees. Not sure why it didn't work. It should launch a pop up box which asks you to confirm you want to close your position. If you click Yes then it should refresh the page and update your position, Do you know if it got as far as the pop up window or the refreshing of the page. I've tested in Netscape 4.7 and IE 5.5 on Win 2000 and it works good for me. But it sounds like it might have problems with an older browser or if you have javascript disabled.

Hi Sharky,

I use IE 5.5 I think...and it didn't take me to yes no took me where it explains yes-no giving the options OK or Cancel...I clicked OK...instead of taking me to yes or no section it took me back to the comp page with no change done...


Whilst my trading is bad at the mo, don't think I made a 100% loss on SIP!!! From ADVFN, 0.6% is quite enough!
Cookie, you cheeky monkey, lol.

My tip, yes its a cracker, dont forget to WATCH the shares you pick, rofl.


Yeah sorry peeps, I meant to update the prices last night, Chartman sent over all the correct start prices checked via ADVFN. Unfortunately I fell asleep, but if I get a chance at work, I'll update them before tonight.