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have a word with Zenda Nef......he trades via cms-forex.....I believe Newtron Bomb is also looking at them with a view to trading their platform.

Newtron Bomb

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Hi folks

Ive traded real time with them for about a week now and to sum up they are pants.

The charting is a complete waste of time and after several issues with order execution today i would say that you may be better off finding something that is more usable.

Plus point are that the customer service has been brilliant as i have spoken to them everyday via email or telephone and usually had a response with the hour for a email.
In addition they do have pip rebate on the spread for dealing with size and it doesnt take long before you can have a 2 pip spread.

Overall I think they would be worth a miss having tried them real time I will continue to be use them until the end of the month before trying somewhere else for my needs.

If anyone wants a more comprehensive response about CMS-forex them please pm me.

Happy Trading
newtron Bomb


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Thats strange NB. I'm using the demo at the moment and think its great.
What problems are you getting with order execution?
All mine have gone through with no problems, albeit on the demo server.

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The difference is your using the demo where as am having niggling problems with the live account

order execution has been good to be fair its when they started cancelling orders because

"our servers cant tell the difference between a buy and a sell order at the same level"

Not what i want to hear as a new customer to then be patronised and to be blamed for not knowing how to place and order.... muppets!!!



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nefariousbaffler said:
Just wondering if there is anybody using this company for forex. If so do they offer guaranteed stop losses and limits?

Thank you.

1 - They make good on all limit and stops (entry as well as loss). I can faithfully attest to this based on a 400 Pt move that they credited me with when a stop failed to execute in a fast market a few weeks ago.

2 - Software is word class - Best I've ever seen. Not sure what Neutron is referring to.

3 - Downside at this time is "server" problems on the "trading" (not demo) platform. Apparently they are under powered and heavy vols create glitches. I am opening a second accout with another broker, but will continue to trade with these guys as long as they honor their stops and they continue to offer such excellent software.


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i have been using the demo of CMS it's great software but a few details on orders when market is moving fast.

the charts are very good, also the indicators (with builder option) and still a way to go with the automatic execution (trading systems) ( i suggest you only try it on demo account ).

I still not have a real account with them.

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