City Stories - Bomber, Donkey & The Spaniard


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I was talking with a friend the other day and we remembered a small docu-soap called "City-Stories" on Channel 4. It followed two Liffe Traders back in 98/99 named Bomber and Donkey a Broker nick named the Spaniard and a Qaunt Analyst who quit the city to open a strip joint. Proper funny programme

Can anyone remember this series, Or remember what happened to the characters (I think the Spaniard got banned from the city for an insider Dealing scandal with an inventor and Dresdner?


PS I'm new to the boards - This site really makes for an interesting read.
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I think the case against the Spaniard has been dropped due to media bais, it was something to do with him and 'the plumber' ?!?!!? I thinnk they spreadbet on a float of a small company, the SB company then had to goto market and buy the shares up to cover the bet thereby ramping the stock and the guy who placed the bet won...... think it was something like that...


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Just in case anyone is interested in becoming a plumber see -

Apparently ex-Bank Managers and Stock Traders are going into the trade (the ones who didn't get the animal lessons that is...) - 50k p/a easy...

and what happened to the 'White Rat'.......?!...... :confused:


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Ha it just came up as I searched for Bomber and "City Stories"! Figured I may as well share my findings, also found this;

Recent Productions

I'm in one of those episodes... Shame it's not listed in their digital archive.



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Does anybody have a copy of this series? Apparently there were 5 episodes.

I have found out where to get them but at £50 an episode thats £250 to watch them all!!
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