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So you want to work in the City?
There is no shortage of ambitious young individuals who dream of, and aspire to, a successful career in the City. Images of  Rolex-wearing, Porsche-driving twenty-somethings living in their Docklands bachelor pads does nothing to stop the swell of wannabe City Slickers.
But just how real are these images?  More importantly, how can I get to work in the City, and where do I start? What are the upsides to a career in high finance? What are the downsides? Which are the best markets to work in? What qualifications do I need?
Those images born from the movie which made the slick-haired Gordon Gecko famous have undoubtedly created one major drawback for any ambitious young individual wanting to work in the City – competition is fierce.
It is this competition which raises the barriers to entry and allows investment banks to demand the very best from the pick of raw recruits coming out of the best universities with a handful of MBA’s and Phd’s...
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