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Did you see the bit where the guy was having a go at one of the bottom three for trading too small position sizes. So sensible money management is not in their training clearly as if the guy had been trading bigger positions he would have done as bad or worse as the guy that lost 9.2%


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I see James Absalom has got the boot. John McMeekan looks like he'll be next, he's -12%. Remember he's the one we all had to watch due to his track record.

Interesting that they remove all mention of James from the results. I suppose they're hoping to only have winning traders at the end of the project with all mention of the losers swept under the carpet.

McMeekan currently is short the Dow and DAX, making about 100 pts on those trades since this mornings high, about £450 in profit on those open trades at the moment, he really going for it.

John Mcmeekan | Trading Academy | City Index


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Do a proper and extensive Google search on images and you will see 2 of them are amateur actors that have worked in low budget stage productions. My guess is the rest are as well, or similar.

In terms of Mr Chan and the other idiot, these 2 have never traded seriously in their life, they are nothing more than analysts and hype merchants paid a fixed salary by City, as well as run their own 'information' based sites for cash.

Which two? Give us somewhere to start.


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pboyles - I thought it was obvious myself regardless of my miss-spelling/typo of the gezza's name.

It's actually Chen and not Chan, but that doesn't really matter as hes not important.

So to clarify the idiots I refer to are, James Chen, and Ashraf Laidi, they are nothing more than a couple of hyped up fixed salary analysts... better know as gobsh**es!

Who are the amateur 'actors' you refer to, not the idiots.


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Did you see the bit where the guy was having a go at one of the bottom three for trading too small position sizes. So sensible money management is not in their training clearly as if the guy had been trading bigger positions he would have done as bad or worse as the guy that lost 9.2%

thats what i couldnt quite comprehend.

how much have each spent on the spread? i assume they dont want to promote selective trading. james, a newbie, doing ~15 trades a day - scalpers volume, with an SB, on the ftse (daily ATR c55).

all in all a terrible show & v poor example for newbies. but it no doubt works as a marketing tool. and it may even cover 2 part time actors expenses.

re chen not being able to make it over for the elimination meeting - CI have not heard of video conferencing before then.


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City Index have invested over £250,000 into this venture between, personnel fee's, running costs and prize money. The reason being... they have lost a lot of clients over the past 18 months, and new account openings are at an all time low.

The whole project is noting more, and I mean completely nothing more, than marketing hype.

I never thought it was anything more than marketing hype, just another Mike Baghdady style con. However you said earlier that we should do some 'proper' research and that we'd discover that 2 of the candidates are amateur actors. Please go ahead and prove that.


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them being actors i reckon is complete crap, laidi was at cmc before ci. maybe its a hobby.

this says it all really....the guy who was in the lead says:
"If I won the cash prize, I would concentrate on my Knowledge of London studies to become a London Black Taxi Cab driver and of course – make some strategic investments for my future"

so he wont even continue trading, just investing. he still aims to be a cabbie. thats not exactly the best encouragement for wannabe newbies.


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rsh01 - I never said laidi or chen were the actors, I said they 2 were idiots that spout sh*t for a living via City Index and their own websites for fixed salary's, you have miss-understood me. Those 2 are analysts not traders, there is a difference between an analyst and a trader, analysts get paid to hype up, get punters believing in something and bring in new money from investors ect ect, I don't think I need to tell you what a trader does? those 2 names above have worked for various brokers in their time. My point about those 2 were they don't trade, they say they do, but they don't. The are hype merchants/analysts, bullshi**ers, talk a good game but can't play the game, however you want to put it.

My comment on actors was referring to some of the people who are on their course "the students".


Yes we know. We are asking which two are the actors. Chen and Laidi are employees, we all know that.

Which two 'traders' are actors?


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I saw the advertising and hav'nt bothered to watch......looks like you guys seem to have covered pretty much everything expected of it

if it gets some customers in it might work for them ..........i'm working on a new venture called

The only way is trading

and am looking for participants !


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This has some entertainment potential.

Hilary Leighter | Trading Academy | City Index

She's saying how glad she is that the instructor taught them the rules for entering a trade last night. Didn't they start last week?

Hmmm, ex-Management Consultant, definately one to keep an eye on (and that can be taken either way!)

Interesting to see this unfold though and it would be great education for noobs if we could really get to the bottom of what happened and when. The absolute truth would be great for us but less so for City Index I guess.
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