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Forex can be a challenging work field for many traders and there is no doubt on that point. A trader will necessitate a superior class of tolerance, insistence and hard work to achieve an extensive trading journey in this cutthroat market place. If a forex trader wants to achieve a profitable trading journey he will obviously require right trading attitude to deal with any prevailing market situation with full courage and enthusiasm.
Sure, trading is lifelong learning. Each day brings something new and even unexpected, so you need to search for ideas and approaches to the market.
And this is the job that never ends: every day you need analyse markets, pay attention to news and events, deal with huge flow of information.
Most good things require some effort on our part, Forex trading is not different. If one wants to trade and trade well they have to rise to the challenge.


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cmon gang many more of these generalised waffling threads are we going to get on trade2win ? :LOL:

jees ........theres hundreds of them ...:eek::whistling

can we have more newbies instead of posting this stuff start talking about systems and strategies they are trialling and the more experienced members here an actually try to help them ?...we are here to help :smart:

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