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So that's the good thing right? More the merrier?

Also, I have given my number to everyone who has PM'ed or emailed me. Call if you cant find us.

Its LL btw. :)


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hi all, looking to join you all on thursday thanks..was just looking to get an overview what types of trading do most of you guys do? are you all proivate or trade for institutuions? what sectors do you trade? either way it would be a pleasure.. just would love to get some indication prior...


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'Second Income Trader' and myself will be arriving at Smolenksies early at 5pm. If anyone else wants to join us for some warm up drinks, feel free. I will be the Indian guy.
Hi Folks,

Just wanted to say thanks for a great evening, really enjoyed meeting you all :) Thanks to London Lad for arranging, sorry to Pipnator for not seeing him before I left and a big raspberry to Zack for having the temerity to doubt my ability with the 5m charts!

Looking forward to meeting up again soon.

Cheers, Paul.


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folks i am in the process of dying, thanks to the burger yesterday....otherwise had a great time...thumbs up to londonlad for putting it together...sorry paul as i was busy explaining my wife how having drinks in canary is gonna help further my career ...didnt go down to well...(n) ...

looking forward to our next meet up...



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Thanks to everyone who showed up( pipnator / donaldduke / zak /secondincome/shacks/ most importantly arabiannights/etc). I had a great time, and I also (unlike pipnator) avoided the burger :cheesy: . No seriously, it can't be that bad. I am not sure about the next meetup, but if I get around to it, then the next one will be a bit more organised with areas roped in and all.

arabian mentioned, he's organising something for November. Please let us know mate.


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Thanks for organising the evening London Lad. It was much appreciated and my burger was lovely though I can never tell the difference between squirrel and cat - a bit like pepsi and coke.

2nd income trader my lawyers Monthly Weekly & Daily will be in touch.:cheesy:

Arabian, if you do organise something in a location with real beer let me know.

Happy trading.


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No trading was talked about.

Your all gay and spent the night looking at each other bums...........:D


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what a loussssyyyy weekkkk....yes everyone is aloud to laugh at me....when are we getting wasted again ??