looking to meet experienced UK Stock Traders in London


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Looking to meet with seasoned and experienced stock traders/investors in London, ideally an individual who actively trade UK large/mid/small cap stocks (FTSE shares) using News based approach or other advanced trading strategies.

Tired of going through seminars after seminars and meeting only newbies and other novices I'm desperately seeking to learn from professionals. Someone who actually understand corporate actions, able to formulate trading strategies based on news, understand price discovery in an exchange, order flow, Level2 + Time&sales, market psychology, inter-market studies and TA are more than welcome.

I am a novice (from New Cross SE14) with about 1 year experiece in trading UK Stocks via Spreadbet/CFDs and
I'm really hoping to meet some experienced traders who I can learn from, share knowledge, resources, and insights. Please let me know if you are the one I'm looking for!!!

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