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Hi Juanbyte

Looks like the same as all the others. Not sure what the spreads are like though. Can't get any information up :(
The spreads are found in the 'market information' link. All the currency pairs are 5 pips so cmc wins - not sure about the other stuff.
I've tried to attach the pdf - hope it works! :confused:


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Six point spread on the daily Dow makes them second tightest

I have tried the demo account works good going between screens it is faster than finspread but not as good as deal4free.
not bad / actually quite good

the stop system is very good... quarterly FX only 10-12 wide much less tham IG or City Index 20-40 wide. And shares very tight. Rang them up and had a chat v.approachable they will not be live for a few more days so may be worth opening an account.
Have opened a simulated account.

Very easy to use, but has a glitch at the moment, i.e. it comes up with a rejected trade but makes it anyway. Can check this when you know it's happening, but gave me a bit of a jolt.

I sent an e-mail will this query, they do know about it and are sorting, and they phoned me to ask where I'd got their name from. Told them T2W and suggested they keep an eye on it :idea: to learn what people thought.

I like the trading site. Similar to Fins but faster. Their charts are also more comprehensive. Spreads on indices variable, but S+P more than Fins, Nas less than Fins. (Both more than D4F but I find them too fast :eek:

Evidently a new company finding their feet, but seem very interested in feedback from potential users - a very good point in my book. Minimum trade £1.

One good thing they have that D4F doesn't is the information button right on the trading screen (like Fins). This is most useful when you have limited cash as margin requirements are pretty important.

Another thing is that an automated stop is placed at the same time as the order, but this can easily be changed.

If anyone else has tried it I would be most interested to hear your views.
hi orchard,

what do you mean when you say you find d4f too fast (sorry if i'm being dopey :rolleyes: )?
I have also opened a simulated trading account, and was also a little concerned about the glitch which initially tells you that your trade was rejected, when in fact it was accepted. Slightly scary as you could end up trading in a much larger size than anticipated.

I do however like their trading screen very much. Easy to use, comprehensive, and useful charting options.

Slightly nervous of the fact that they place an automatic and obligatory stop loss order as soon as you open a position. A big turn off.

FSA regulated, based in London. Independently owned, but it is 100% owned by an individual (Mr. Rowe)...would be more comfortable knowing Mr. Rowe's background and history as there is no information on their website regarding this.

Anyone out there know who he is?
Yes automatic stop loss a bit off putting ... but you can move the stop to whereever you like (as long as you have the margin on the account) so I suppose that they would claim they are protecting you from unforseen moves.
Mind you they are also protecting themselves from having to call customers up for money !! Which probably makes them happier.

I also find D4F a bit dodgy when it comes to Firm prices ... they have a habit of not being there when it matters !! trying to get out of a position I had to hit three progressively worse prices before I could get the deal on !!! ouch..
Hi Tjsmith,

The D4F marketmaker site flashes up new prices everytime they move. I felt I could never be sure which price I would be getting into so I left them alone. Not the same problem on shares, just on indices.

Mind you, can't get into MM at the moment, a 'fix' from CMC cleared the old site, but did nothing for MM. Can't be bothered to chase it up as I am going to give up on them when my current batch is done.
One other downside I have noticed with Capital Spreads are the trading hours. Seems that FTSE future only trades until 5.30 pm...would be better if you could trade after hours, e.g until 9:15 pm such as City Index allows you to do....

Otherwise, their product looks good.
Hi Blairlogie

They do quote after market hours see below

Daily UK 100 Future 08:00-17:30 16:45-21:00
1 2 1 Index pt 125 4 Pts in hours 6pts
out of hours
Daily N/A Official LIFFE Close at
Asked about after hours markets... and was informed that at the moment they will be quoting them via the phone when they go live... but that they hope to have them online very soon.
Got the impression that they are a bit weary of 'arbers' in afterhours markets !!
I suppose as the number of rabbits increases, so does the number of predators.

Doesn't look like Sharepread is regulated by the FSA. Offshore, based in Ireland.

On that basis alone, I wouldn't touch them.
This talk of predators does remind me of a post of mine that was ammended without my consent on this very site.... and all it did was praise helen.... no derisory remarks about anyone....

any comments skim?

Hope this post doesn't get ammended/deleted..
Capital ?

I cannot get their website to appear, is the URL

I believe I am correct in saying with regard to Sharespreads that they are opening or have opened an office in Belfast, and so they will have to be FSA-regulated?

The last time I had anything to do with them was specifying their stops system.

Simon Clark (ex co-founder of Finspreads !!)
Auckland, NZ