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1st posting here,
I have been following BPG for quite a while, interesting trades today near the end, news could be near re rumours of a deal with FedEx. Only rumours, but huge director buying in last 6 weeks, and possibly more today.
Worth a look at these levels IMO
Hi Tornado

Looks like someone is stake building or something. Trouble is, between bits of action, there is very little volume. Its virtually illiquid. Its in a 3 year downtrend, so you're buying against the major trend. I can't see any signals that it is turning.
There was high volume today, so it may pop tomorrow. Not a share for me, but I admit, it may pop with the volume.
Good luck if you take the plunge.
Welcome Tornado

BPG looks to me as if it is about to go one way or the other - if news is on the way, then it could nip up. However, it's got a lot of resistance at 240p and 250p, so I hope there's a lot of good news to get it past those points.
I think there is a strong chance of news in next week or two, and if it is re a deal with FedEx, it should easily push it past the £2.50 mark, and from there, certainly £3.50 ish is possible IMO
The £400,000 or so of Director buys is also encouraging, and the big trades of 200,000 and 50,000 at the offer price today also bode well.
Certainly worth keeping an eye on I think as it could be a strong performer and less likely to be as volatile as techs etc in next few weeks and suggests a minimal downside from the current levels.

Hi JD,

Am following with interest. All buys today so far but only 22 trades - now selling @ 240. This mirrors early December trading with resistance definitely at 250 mark. I believe it was director buying which pushed the share price north.

TA cares not for rumour and they do say buy on rumour.

Interims to Sept 2000 were disappointing to say the least with only a small increase in turnover and a sizeable decrease in profits hence the recent share price performance however Directors are confident about future revenues and margin improvement.

I might fancy it over 250 and will keep watching.

Good Luck


hi tornado,

forgive me for being a little sceptical, but are you John Delaney of insider-equity fame and who has been posting
positive statements on BPG and BWNG for some time now
on that BB?

welcome and rgds..............ed
JD....Welcome to T2W. I trust you find us a friendly lot and if your posts are in the spirit of this BB - that is no ramping of any particular share - I am sure your posts will be to the benefit of all.

Good luck and may your trades be successful.
Very pleased to see the strong rise in BPG today of around 10%.
Yes I am John D on iii and have been a regular contributer for years there as it has been my 'home' board.
I also contribute now and again on Citybull as Tornado and one or two other sites.
I have been talking about BWNG and BPG to point out what may be in the wings, which is what these boards are about ie sharing info, and pointing for people to go do their own research etc.
I hope my 2 postings here have been of use, and also taken in the spirit they were written.
Best regards
JD.........Nice to see you respond so promptly and for your openess.

Look forward to your future posts
For the attention of ed:

Please remember that you chose not to register with your full name, and therefore I think you should respect the privacy wishes of others by not revealing their full names on a posting, without their prior permission.

Happy trading.
The decent rise today may lead to some press comment tomorrow, and may even encourage BPG to start spilling the beans a bit sooner.
Either way, glad to be holding a strong position (Long £125 a point), and looking forward to the morning.
Daily Mail 24.01.2001

Hi Tornado.

Check out today Mail. Reports on speculation of a bid from Fed-Ex.

Quite pleased I hold these at 227p. Should be in the thick of the action today.
Daily Mail comment -

Business Post jumped 21p to 242 1/2p. Brothers Peter and Michael Kane
splashed out £463,000 on shares in December. Dealers believe a major UK deal
with Federal Express, the US group, is on the agenda.