Watch Dicom (DCM)...


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Dicom Group (DCM) provides hardware and software for electronic data capture..the business includes equipment and software systems for quickly and securely transferring documents at corporate volume levels...

There are rumours of a DCM/Microsoft deal ...if such rumours are half true watch the share price fly...

See this article from Sharecast to get a clearer picture:

DCM which bucked friday’s pull back by going up +20 to 537.5..tracking Dicom's Neuer Markt quote higher on a recommendation in Platow Börse, a German tip sheet.. with Fund managers continuing to weigh a 930p fair value target ... while Williams de Broë advising strong buy....has been hovering between 650 and 450 ever since it climbed up over 1200 in March and fell down to 500 during the following tech burst...except when it dipped to over 350 end of Nov. where it formed year low and rose immediately to 520...since the beg. of Jan. when DCM touched and bounced from 410 it’s been looking bullish and forming higher highs and higher lows...last rise started at 500 and now at 537.5 the price seems to be rising resistance level seems to be around 550...if this is broken which is highly likely the following one is 610-630 where it formed double tops and fell down in September...OBV has been heading up sharply for the last 3 trade days suggesting smart money could be piling in...

DCM is certainly worth watching closely..


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Just had a quick peek at the fundementals and they look good. PE 23 falling to 15 in 01 and 13 in 02. Mkt cap only 10% above sales. Excellent 5 year record. If you say the chart is good then a definate buy
And the resistance did get broken with the price taking off +52.5 to 590...while House broker Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein was forecasting pretax profit of £8.54m for the year to June, rising to £10.65m the year after....

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Good one Riz - well spotted.

At last a bit of blue in my long term portfolio.

Glad to hear that, Cookie..didn't know you were looks like the bluer the portfolio the jumpier the monkey :)
good luck..

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Up +7.5(1.3%) to 597.5...this turned out to be quick one..up +£1.00 in a few days..can still go further up from here...but that's the end of this thread for me...enjoy the profit if you've got in...

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