Business confidence in Germany rise in March


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Munich think tank Ifo announced, Germany March business confidence index unexpectedly rose for five months and create eighth month new high, Europe's debt crisis has not cause too much impact on the German economy.
The latest results of Ifo surveyed more than seven thousand business executives pointed out that, Germany March business confidence index reached 109.8 points, innovation the 109.7 points after amendment in February.
Bloomberg surveyed 44 economists and expected business confidence index in March was stopped at the initial announcement in February 109.6, but the result was better than expected.
German Federal Bank said last week, despite last year's fourth quarter the German economy shrank by 0.2%, but recently the Confidence Index are displayed, German economy is expected to rejuvenate at the beginning of this year. The domestic unemployment rate is maintained at the 20-year low relatively to stimulate household consumption.
However, two indexes Ifo released on Monday were no growth. Statistics show that, In March, the current situation of the German companies’ index stands at 117.4 points as February, Business expectations index fall from February 102.7 to 102.4 points in March, disclosed domestic enterprises are not optimistic the expected economic outlook as previous.

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