Boiler Room Scams

rub1 said:
Here's a list of shares known to have been promoted by Boiler Rooms

AccuPoll Holding Corp

Alternative Diesel Investments Ltd

Apollo Resources International, Inc

Arcadia Property PLC (“Arcadia Developments/Arcadia Group”)

Atlantic Wines


Biocide International

Bio-Solutions Manufacturing

Black Gold Oil and Gas

“Claim Tracker”

Communications Research Inc

Echo Resources

Efoora Inc, and

Eldorado Exploration Inc,

Entertainment Is Us, Inc

E-Screen Sensor Solutions, Inc.

“Galaxy Minerals”

General Components Inc

Golden Dynasty Resources Limited

Golden Goal International and

Great Western Gold

Green Ladder Home Ownership Plan Limited

Healthcare Holdings PLC

iDate Corporation (“iDate”) and

Immune Tree

In Time Group

Logistical Support, Inc

Material Technologies inc,

Mobilestream, Inc.

Nanoforce, Inc

Nano Science Tech

Netjet Limited

Neuropharm Limited

New Century Energy Corp

New Millenium Medical


Prime Time Group, Inc

Private Trading Systems Inc.

Qustar (Europe) Ltd

Regal Technologies

Regenesis Centers, Inc

Remington Ventures



Slogold Resources

Smart Technology Inc

St James Capital Holdings, Inc

TajUK plc

Triclean Enterprises Inc,

UK Euro Group plc and

Universal Delivery Solutions Group, UDS Group, Inc,

Viaspace Inc

“Vivadi plc”


Wellbeing plc

Western States Auto,

World Aqua Tech International plc
Well Done 'rub1', excellent idea. That should help anyone doing some research before being scammed. I've been cold called for 4 of the companies on your list. 'New Millenium Medical' being pushed by Kensington Price Consulting
Escreen being sold by EMC - Equity Management Consulting International,
and Golden Dynasty and Claim Tracker both being pushed by Russell Research Partners.
These dirty low life’s have all been after my money, luckily for me I did a Google search and found T2W first and saved me a packet. I'm hoping they don't get too clever for me and catch me out one day, I'm certainly a lot more wary and untrusting than before they first contacted me and it's taught me to question and check everything I'm told. It's a horrible feeling to find you've been scammed big time, lucky I'm not one of them! :D
Thanks again for keeping innocent punters like me out of the dooee, keep up the good work!
Argus Global

I am new to this site. Could anyone tell me if they have had dealings with Argus Global Eqiutes from the island of Nevis. I have been approached by them. Any help would be appreciated

Regards firestorm
Hi rub1

Yes one was echo resources and the other is Pharma Holdings Inc. this being the latest one, Could you tell me how you know they are being investigated by nevis regulators please.I have been trying to find out any info on pharma Holings their web site looks good however at
Thanks for your reply
regards firestorm


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Firestorm, Argus and all the companies they are involved in are scams, invest and you WILL have your money stolen from you.

If you want to invest then Paypal me 50% of your investment value, it will be a far better deal for you because you'll only lose 50% of your money instead of 100%.

PS. Who cares whether a website looks good or not, some of the most profitable web businesses around have not changed their site in many years. Some of the biggest losers on the web have the best websites, there is NO correlation.
Hi Anley
I do understand what you mean regarding web sites. I am not going to invest any money with them, I was just wanting info as they have approached me and I wondered if they had approached anyone else.Have you had any dealings with them and how do you know the companies they are involved with are scams? I am just trying to learn. Thanks for your reply

regards firestorm


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Hi Firestorm,
To make this thread clearer I have copied Konstantin100's post from another discussion board:

Argus and its representatives are evidently fraudsters. Persons associated with its Nutrition Holding Corp.& Glucoswiss Inc. & Advanced Woundcare Technologies Inc. - investment scheme are: Mr. Paul Adams, Mr. Richard Keith, Mr. Jonathan Stone, Mr. Paul Adams, Mr. Alexander Richardson, Mr. Owen Bethel as President of Argus, Mr. Anthony F. Musso jun. as bondholder and vendor of shares of the aforesaid firms. Mr. Michael Scheft, financial analyst, has been instrumentary in abetting this breach of law by conveying the impression that NHC would really exist.

The sole motive for founding Argus seems to have primarily been money-laundering and misusing the invested capital for other purposes. Repayment has never been envisaged at all. The prospective investor is being advised to transfer the investment-amount onto an Argus-owned account with the Credit Lyonnais, New York USA. Having attained a certain amount, the sum is being transferred to another bank, e.g. the Sentinel Bank / Bahamas, where the account will be closed.

None of the firms above are registered within the United States and have therefore no right to issue any shares at all. All of those three unregistered firms are represented by Mr. Anthony F. Musso jun. (aged 57), who issues the said shares himself. He assesses the value of shares by the investment amount; so there are even shares totalling 1/1000 US$ paper securities.

Mr. Musso has sold shares on this pattern within the U.S. As this was contrary to existing U.S.-Law he was charged with fraud and breach of the stock corporation law and consequently sentenced by U.S. District Court of Southern Florida on 6th February 2004. (


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Fire, use these 3 rules and you won't have money stolen from you

1) If you're ever cold called offering any investment idea then 99% chance it's a scam
2) If you ever deal with a broker than does not have an office in your own country AND is not regulated by your country's financial regulator (FSA in the UK, SEC in the US) then there is a 99% chance that you're being set up.
3) If you send money offshore when dealing with a brokerage company then there's a 99% chance it will be stolen from you (this is an interesting one because many of the scammers now try and pretend that they are in your country and are regulated, perhaps they use the name of a real firm with just a slight twist, for example ABC Brokers Ltd is a kosher company but they might say they're calling from ABC Brokers Inc. Also NEVER call them back on the telephone number they gave you, always get the main switchboard number from your country's regulator and call them back on that, do not look get it off their website and the website could be a fake.

These fraudsters are very clever in what they do, it is a multi-million $ business. They employ some of the best salesman around so beware....


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Hi Firestorm,

Here's some comments on Pharma Holdings Inc from the Motley Fool Discussion Board.


Regarding the Sheft report on the Pharma website states

The CEO and Managing Partner, Edward Klapp IV, has served as the President of Millennium Partners Incorporated (MPI), a multi-faceted direct marketing and media agency since 1992.

Someone by the name of Edward Klapp IV appears to have criminal convictions for running "money making" schemes, the news item below is from 1997 and was originally published in the Kentucky Post. I am assuming that there aren't too many people named Edward Klapp IV.

Lexington -- Two out-of-state residents were sentenced to federal prison Friday for running money-making schemes in Kentucky. Edward Klapp IV, 38, of Tequesta, Fla., and Ramona Hecht, 44, of Lakewood, Colo., were each sentenced to one year and a day. U.S. District Judge Karl Forester in Lexington also ordered Klapp to pay a $3,000 fine and make $40,000 restitution. Ms. Hecht was ordered to make partial restitution to victims, Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles Wisdom Jr. said. Klapp pleaded ...

Regards Rub1


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With all these Americans called Simon Smith III or John White II, I wonder if in 100-200 years they'll be Simon Smith IX or John White XII etc

That would be so funny.......


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List of Known Boiler Rooms

Below are listed the names used by foreign firms who are not approved or authorised by the FSA to conduct regulated activities in the UK. (BOILER ROOMS)

Advantage IEC: (Switzerland?)

AGS Worldwide:

Aims Management:

Alexander Rothko and Associates Ltd: (Spain)

Alfred Beck Advisory:

Allied Advisory: (Netherlands ?)

Anderson Consultants: (Spain)

Anderson Fitzpatrick: (Switzerland)

Anglo Pacific Investments: (Switzerland?)

Anglo Swiss Consulting:

Arthur Forbes: (Belgium?)

Argus International/Argus Global Equities Ltd:

Aston Capital:

Aston Rowe:

Atlantic Capital Management:

Avance Equita: &

Barrington Lynch & Associates:

Baylor Byrnes Brackman Group Inc:

BD Saltzmann:

Bellador Group:

Benjamin Fisher SL:

Berkley Wyatt Asset Limited, S.L: &

Bishop & Parkes: (Spain)

Black & White Investments:

Blackwell Advisory and partners:

Brookstreet Securities Corporation:

Burgmann-Advisory Services:

Cadogan United Securities:

Capital Asset:

Capital Index Group:

Capitol Hill Group:

Cardinal Securities:

Carlton Birtal: (Spain)

Carlton Webber: (Spain)

Chapman Butler LLC:

Chapman Hill Asset Management:

Charles Hirsch Capital Management:

Charles Wurth Associates:

Clifton Financial Services: (Switzerland)

Cohen Smith:

Compass Asset Management:

Connor Capital:

Continental Group (Hartford Group):

Corporate Investment Services:

Cromwell & Pierce International:

CS International:

Delta Trade Financial:

Dempster Hampton & Duke:

DG Advisory: (Spain)

DML Corporation (Limerick, Ireland)

Douglas-St-James: (Switzerland)

Doulton Group:

Eagle Star

Edward Tate:

EMC International: (Spain?)

Emerging Equity Group:

Empire Financial Group:

Enterprise Analytics Incorporated:

Ernest Goodman Advisory:

Fairchild Pierce:

FF-Global Associates:

Finance Continental Inc:

First Capital Partners: (Spain)

Direct Trade Financial Services: (Hong Kong)

Fitzsimmons Financial Management:

Flemming Advisory: (Belgium?)

Franklin York & Associates: (Spain)

Gatemoor Securities:

Global Administrative Providers:

Global Equity Markets:

Global Market Consultants:

Global Resource Advisors:

Globus Trust

Goldfield Consultants AG: (Switzerland)

Grandby Trading Investment Corporation: (Spain)

Grayson House: (Switzerland)

GS Equity Group: (Spain)

GS Anguilla: (Spain)

Hamilton Pierce Consultants:

Harman Marketing Services:

Harrow Asset Management: (Spain)

Hartford Management Group:

Haverford International:

HCG International: (Spain)

Heritage Mergers & Acquisitions Ltd:

Hodgson Brown: www.hodgsonbrown (Spain)

Hoffman Philips: (Spain)

Hoffman Stein:

Hudson Capital Management LLC:

Insta-Trade Inc:

Integra Advisory Group:

Intercap Management Group:

International Equities Research:

International Equity Advisors:

International Equity Consultants:

Internationale Zurich Gruppe:

Indices International Group:

Investment International & Capital Management:

Jarvis Capital Management Group: (Spain)

Jefferson Holt Consulting:

J.P. Stuart Associates:

J.P. Turner & Company, LLC:

J.S. Knight Co. Ltd:

Jupiter Advisory:


Kensington Price Consulting:

Kent Financial Advisors:

Klein Group:

Knobel Lynch Consultants AG:

Koppel Levine & Associates:

Lakeside Consultants: (Switzerland?)

Landmark Trade Services

Langdon Group:

Langley Advisory Services: (Switzerland)

Laurus Capital: (Spain)

Leonard Merlin:

Liberty Investment Research:

Lion Equities:

Lloyd Stanley:

Lynam Fitzsimmons Associates: (Brussels, Belgium)

Lyndon Pearce:

Market Access Group:

Markus Western Group:

Marshall Brennan:

Marshall Eastman Advisory:

Marshall Lambert Group: (Spain)

Marshall Stanwick:

Medview International Trading:

Milton Dewar Asset Management: (Switzerland)

Morgan Advisory: (Spain)

Morgan Hurst SLC:

Morgan Philips Consultancy:

Morrison Douglas: (Spain)

Murdoch Finch Associates:

New Bridge International:

NMG Financial Services: (Amsterdam)

Norton & Partner: (German?)

Omega Advisory: (Germany)

Omega Equities:

Omega Financial Services:

Omega Research International:

Opes Ingenium: (Spain)

Oxbridge International:

Parker Rowe: (Spain)

PB Jameson & Associates:

Perrin Holden & Davenport Capital Corporation:

Pioneer Commodities LLC:

Platinum Management:

Premier Developments: (Spain)

Premier Venture Capital:

Preston Wainwright Asset Management: (Frankfurt)

Price Stone Group: &

Prime Forestry Group:

Redwood Capital:

Ridgewell Capital Markets:

R.V.C. Markets:

Russell Research & Partners:

Satellite Securities:

SCG Financial:

Schweizer Titan Gruppe Ltd / Swiss Titan Group:

Securities Advisory Group:

Securities Group International:

Sentient Advisory Services:

Sentinel Trading Investment Corporation:

Silverthorne & Chambers Financial Group:

Standford Long:

Stanton Berkley Advisory:

Stein Fitzgerald Group:

Stephenson Moore Consulting:

Strategic Corporate Services:

Stratford Advisory Services:

Tana Corum Holdings:

Tate & Morgan Associates:

Tavistock Securities:

Taylor Morrisson & Partners:

Taylor King & Associates:

Templeton Consultants:

Thomas Cohen & Associates:

Thomson Hill:

Thompson Miller Group:

Titan Advisory:

Titan vc Zurich:

Trade XL Ltd:

Unified Investment Group:

United Brokerage Services Financial Group:

Universal Capital Partners:

Vertical Analysis LLC:

Wallstreet Asset Management: (Germany)

Warren Group:

Witter Walwyn Overseas:

Wellington-Duke & Associates: (Switzerland)

Wellington Trading Group:

Woods & Sheldon:

Wynterstone Capital Holdings:

Zen Investments: (Belgium)
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"J P Stuart Associates " no longer appears on the FSA list. Does that mean that they are now authorised ?!!

This company has cold-called me (don't worry, I have no intention of sending them any money !), but it seems strange that they have (recently ?) disappeared from the FSA's bad-boy list ! Without me mentioning it, they volunteered that their website had been cloned by Carlton Webber, who are on the list - the implication being that JP Stuart are the good guys, who have been targetted themselves by criminals.


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Based in Spain (if indeed that's where they're actually based) means 99.99% chance it's a scam whether on and then off the FSA list. If the company is legit and located in Spain then it should be registered withthe spanish version of the FSA.

I'd actually put a small amount of money on the fact that the owners are connected somehow to Carlton Webber.

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