Betonmarkets - Casino or valid trading platform?


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I'll stand corrected if you tell me where the 'About Us' button is, I can't see it anywhere.


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I like BoM and I think it has a useful place. I think the initial question was 'is it betting or trading'.

I think we can divide that into two, the intraday bets that cannot be resold to the cashier and the others which can.

With the intraday bets, I think it is trading as in doing the nessasary analysis and choosing the point to pull the trigger. Once the trigger has been pulled I see it as a bet. Because from then on only 2 things can happen either you win or lose. There is no trade management involved, no b/e,no stops being triggered, no trailing stop management, no decision where to take profits. none of that it's just about pulling the trigger.

I had a mate that blew a 40K account, thing is he was brilliant at picking his entry and had no fear at pulling the trigger, but after that he was useless, never traded with stops and had no idea where he was getting out. So often good profits turned to loses. We had a standing joke in the office that as soon as he pulled the trigger we should jank him out the chair and bundle him into a cupboard for the rest of the day and let someone else take over and finish the job.
Anyway for guys like this, who struggle with trade management I think this is a very useful method. People that struggle to manage trades or take a tiny profit as soon as it appears on the screen afraid it will disappear could definately improve their trading using this BoM.

The other types of bets like 'no touches' which are really alot like short puts and calls, and one touches etc which are more like long options, and display all the characteristcs of time decay etc. these are more like traditional trading, with more variables and trade management decisions required.

So I think there is some thing there for everyone


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apparantly -Regent Markets (UK) Ltd. (formerly known as Fixed-Odds Capital (UK) Ltd.) was incorporated on 22 August 2000 under the U.K. Companies Act 1985 (Registered #4060275). Regent Markets (UK) Ltd. is a licensed bookmaker in the U.K., with a permit issued under the Betting and Gaming and Lotteries Act 1963. View Bookmakers Permit Regent Markets (UK) Ltd.

Regent Markets (UK) Ltd.'s address is:
1st Floor, Ireland House,
150 New Bond Street, London
W1S 2AQ, Great Britain
Tel 0800 0195838 (freephone)
Fax 020 76813557 or 020 76811574


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Yes indeed ... and the details of their Isle of Man head office are also shown on their website. Hardly fair to criticise them for not being FSA-regulated when they are not even eligible to be FSA-regulated. :)


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compared with the risk of losing through bad trades the risk of losing through bom going bust appears small , i suggest most punters using this site highly gear thier trades!!( most of us don't need much help losing , can manage that without any help from anyone else!!


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Bom = no problem

I've withdrawn over 40,000 in the last 3 months through bank wire and e-bullion.
I've also talked directly with the CEO, Jean-Yves Sireau.

Do a search on this guy. He's pretty young. I'm sure he's a millionaire by now.

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