Any casino lover here?


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Hello guys!

I'm a casino lover and I’m going 2-3 times per month...I used to play roulette & blackjack... Unfortunately the most times i lose money... :(
Is there anyone who goes to casino too? What do you prefer to play? Do you win or lose?

I'm waiting for your responses… :)


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When I go to the casino I go to play craps. I bet the minimum on the line bet and max the odds bet. Once the point is established I bet the min on the Come line and then put max odds on those. I usually only go out 2-3 numbers at first. Once I'm down 200$ I walk away and play some penny slots and soak up drinks. If I get up significantly I start pocketing the 25$ chips and start going out on more numbers. Once I'm out of 5$ chips I walk away and cash in my 25's. I've been up as much as 2k+ a few times...lost my 200$ in 15 minutes sometimes...but most of the time I get to play for a while. But if you play enough the house always comes out ahead. It's just entertainment for me so I try to keep it fun take advantage of the comps and eat some good food.


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Play online from your fav armchair imho. One has home amenities without the travel.

Nothing wrong with gambling BUT only if you win overall. If you can't win or b/e then do something else.

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I guess as we're all grown ups on a trading site, it goes without saying that the mathematical house edge is your fee for entertainment? On that basis I can't see why you'd want to burn through cash gambling on an online casino from home, but can see why 5% of your stake money (in the case of American Roulette) might be an acceptable fee for a night out pretending to be James Bond. I've had some good nights out in the Macau and Las Vegas casinos but under no illusion that in anything other than the very short term, I'm paying for the privilege.


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I think that casino is only to spend your time! It isn't a place to make money... I have gone over 10 times but all the times only with 100$ in my wallet. It's a pleasant place but i prefer to bet from my home in online betting companies... If you want to deal seriously with betting, i suggest you to make an account in a reliable bookie & follow the first 3 tipsters in this competition:

By far the most active event this year! What do you think?

Thanks friend! I just saw it and it's perfect!!!! :clap:


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I guess so! I knew a professional poker player who was actually sponsored by a poker website too. Everyone has their thing I guess!


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When young and foolish I used to go to the Golden Nugget to play European roulette, in West London.
The theory of doubling up appealed then until...… guessed, it lost.


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Honestly, cryptocurrency does not inspire confidence in me, I'm not sure that you can make good money on it, in my opinion it is much better to get acquainted online casino reviews and try it yourself. It is simpler and can make good money.
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How did cryptocurrency suddenly become part of a "Do You Like Casino's" thread ???

Casino's = Fixed Odds carefully calculated to be in favor of the House over time.

That's a statistically guaranteed LOSS.

Somebody wiser please explain how that translates into a trade-to-win strategy that makes good money !


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