Best short term oscillator?


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well I also use a 6,2 and 6,7 CCI for short term trading.. and the calls are very good

I only use a 3 minute chart due to the false signals in 2 mins.. but looking at today's S&P at 4.45 today: I enclose my chart showing the buy/sell signals..

PS: no signal is taken until the bar closes,, so the sell signal at 850 my be premature.


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For the best advice on setups and how to get the best signals I would advise you to visit Paltalk (Woodies CCI room) I have to say its the best room I know of for trading the ES using CCI. There are between 300-500 people in the room but be quick cos they are setting up another room as paltalk only allows 200 max so they have to operate 2 rooms.


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As a newbie to CCI, Could someone please explain if this indicator is any use at all, for a simple set-up of MA(100) on a 1 minute chart. My chart is DJIA on prophetsfinance, and am using chartmans or is it Mr.Charts theory of entering in direction of market when price is at least 20/30 points away from MA(100).
If it is, what figures for the CCI should be entered, as I am becoming increasingly confused. ie. for each CCI, there are two boxes for options to enter figures, do I use both boxes to enter figures?
Also, are these supposed to be superimposed.
Many thanks,Kevin


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try reading this first:
all CCI setups are slightly different and we all use it in different fashions..

I use the difference between the same period but smoothed in different time spans to identify changes up or down. It is very accurate and rarely fails to work.

The basic formula is
CCI(short term smoothed) - CCI(long term smoothed)

If >0 and the previous was -ve then CCI is rising and so will the price.. ie a direction change..

And vice versa.

When day trading futures with short trends and 3-6 Spoos points per move getting in at the start and out at the end is important.


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You can take CCI as an "above and below" type indicator. Loosely, when above zero, we tend to go up, and below zero we tend to go down. You can simply use supprt and resistance trendlines to enter and exit trades. Frequently, a bounce around zero will be a good entry. The most powerful and consistently prefoming use is by divregence, either positive or negative. When confirmed by RSI 14 , 3 peaks, AND a timescale of a MINIMUM of 20 minutes, it rarely fails to deliver.Like everyting, spend time practising and evaluating the results of various scenarios presented by CCI, if that is what you are going to use.


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thanks chartman and madasafish for replies, will spend time practising, which is what its all about at first. And then when Ive proved can make sense of it all use it for trading purposes.


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Does anyone use CCI with eSignal?

I'm just trying to convert what has been said above into something sensible on my eSignal charts.

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