Best short term oscillator?


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I trade the S&P emini's on 1 min charts.

I'm on the look out for an oscillator that gives fairly reliable divergence signals during tight choppy periods that may last from 1-2 hours. The objective is to give me a clue as to the direction of the likely break.

I'm currently looking at CCI - is there anything better?

Cheers, Nick

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I'm going to have to fourth it


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I have a personal interest and are sure others do too in the use of CCI on Sierra. Could you please elaborate a little on the use of "150 and 42" i.e. 1 min, 5 min charts etc. and the reasons for your choice.



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Yes I for one check out the above link daily, I have had a whisper that the new EURO BABY is head hunting FTZ 40, if successful that would be a great bonus.


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CCI.. 13 3 smoothe dversus cc1 13,7 smoothed..

>0 = long
3 smoothed >7 = buy
3<7 sell

and vice versa.. short..


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Hi madasafish.

With the smoothing lines, I can't get them on Sierrachart. Is it the as a 3 period and 7 period MA?


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As you know the CCI is sensitive to the acceleration and deceleration of price moving away from its MA. The CCI will move to extreme readings as the distance between the current price and its average becomes larger compared to the recent average of this deviation.

Dividing the current price deviation by the mean deviation makes CCI sensitive to market volatility. As the mean deviation increases, the CCI will become less sensitive to price movement. Conversely, the CCI will be more sensitive during a quiet/stable market. I am not sure if it can be really usefull in tight choppy period.
Is there anyone who can correct me if I am wrong please?!
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