being shafted?


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they r very helpful & open to suggestions, they r trying at the mo to sort out realtime charting. they said they want to supply realtime feed prices but exhanges r obviously wanting to charge to least they r trying

I believe the more feedback from people they get the more beneficial it will be if they r trying to get on edge & capture the market.

they also responded straight away, unlike many other of the SB firms.

I suggested the possiblity of a discounted feed option, which they seemed open to , propbably bit radical & asking to much , but if u don't ask u dont tend to get



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Individuals on this and other threads seem to be reporting problems about CMC spreadbetting such as not being able to log on at times, trading platform MM5 freezing, orders being referred to dealers often, requotes, incorrect account balances, orders not going through immediately - and when trying to cancel orders, orders cannot be cancelled.
Has anyone who has used both the spreadbet and CFD platform experienced any of these problems through CMC CFD trading?


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well progress it seems. I sent them a snotty email this morning threatening the old chestnut of the FSA and (coincidentally . . .?) they just replied saying 'please confirm what action you wish us to take, do you still want the trade cancelled?' Bit weird really. I sincerely hope for their sake cancelled means a void transaction not merely closing the position ( I already close it anyway, not prepared to take the chance they wouldn't do something). I don't know what they were expecting me to say . . .


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I have had my fair share of stupid mistakes and errors by the CMC team and will not be using them again.

I will be adding IB to my repertoire as soon as praticable.


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I have used the cmc crowd for over a year and you do have to keep an eye on them. I've not had the Market maker software crash but logging in is tempremental. To be safe you need to login about 15 minutes before placing a trade.
I have also had messages about Market Suspended when I've tried to place an order. They seem to be a bit more reliable but a recent request to transfer money to my bank account didn't go through. Perhaps they forgot. It stayed in my account though.

I'm considering changing but in their favour the spreads are good and margins are very reasonable.



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never ever trust SBs with the acurracy of your trading details , at the slightest whiff of any trouble - keep a record of your trade details and ring them up to confront them .

Be very forthright , if you fawn at them they will take you at your word and treat you accordingly - as a sucker . be warned .


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Apology and promised refund but the money yet to arrive in my account.


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Neil - Have been trying to sort out problems with D4F, like many others, and I ain`t tradin` till I get my money back in my account.


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seems like "sods"law is following me around, after having

some problems with I.B. (25Kand all the problems of closingmya/c)

I was really looking forward to CMC,

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