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hey all, wondering what you would do in my position. Today I went to open a trade on MM5 with D4F, however the screen didn't turn green and I reconsidered the trade. I pressed cancel several times. It remained yellow for about a minute after which I closed the screen and checked under my executed trades blotter, where it didn't show up. I tried to check my SB position blotter but it wouldn't let me access it, it just froze. I stayed on for about 5-10 mins and checked when I left that it had not been executed, which it hadn't. However on logging on again I found it had been executed and I am now 100 points down, which is taking the **** tbh. I have sent them an email complaining and demanding the cancellation and refund of the trade. Is there anything else I can do? Or am I up the proverbial creek on this one? Also, is it better to keep the trade open while liasing with D4F or close it ASAP to minimise losses?
I closed a rogue trade once and phoned them about it and they said I should have kept it open. Hope you have better luck with them than I have in the past. The worst time was when I couldn't cancel a stop after closing a winning trade. After calling them, my nice profit had turned in to a loss and they wouldn'compensate me.

whenever anything goes 'funny' with your orderswith D4F always take a 'screen shot' of the error before shutting down, so u can mail & prove it.

I know this does not help u now but it will if it happens in the future....... helped me many times as thngs do go wrong occasionally with D4F.

with regards to the trade, that is one u will have to decide. but remember anything could happen & that could turn into a Bigger loss. I would ring them & try to sort it out

Press "print screen" then open a paint program such as MS paint, click "Edit", then "paste" and save it as a .jpg or similar.
Press the "print screen" button next to the F12 key and then open "paint" (under accessories) and paste then "save as"

If you forget to do this phone them up and give it to them with both barrels and just tell them that you have a screen shot that is telling you different to what they are telling you and call their bluff. You will usually get what you want.
thanks for the advice guys. only problem is I didnt realise there was a problem until about 90 mins later, which is 90 mins too late. I will see what they say.
I once had a similar problem and they told me I should have kept the trade open.

If I had I would have made a killing :(

Keep on at them and don't take no for an answer. Persistence is key and threaten with the FSA if they do not back down. They tend to jump at the mere mention...

Your post made me check my account as I had the same symptons around 1600 hours today. To my surprise I have 2 FTSE shorts at 4138 which I did not know about. I also hit the cancel button when the display stayed on yellow for 2 minutes and the market moved against me. I checked my account for 10 minutes after the incident and the trade didn't show.
I phoned the help desk and got nowhere, except advice to e mail the compliance department, which I am about to do.
I am not going to let them fob me off!
D4F have a known problem today with their computer system that has affected many trades in the same way.

Their audit trail shows all communications both ways and they will have a record of your attempt to place a trade AND the cancellation AND the mistaken opening of the trade.

It is frightening that their system is capable of making such a huge and dangerous mistake.

Contact them and let them know that you know about their IT problem and they will (must) cancel the trade for you.
As a matter of interest & for no other reqason than I am nosey, How do you know they had a computer problem today? Is it common knowledge?

or you could try capital spreads . Their stop system attatches the stop to a position so when the position is closed the stop is as well. Also if you use the 'limit' (take profit) order , rather than the 'new' order, this is also removed when the position is closed, as again it is attatched to an open position and once that has gone the limit order is also removed.
Dont know why the other SBs havnt done this as it seems a very simple idea
Deal4free are the only SB's I know that don't link stops and limits to orders. It seems to have cost most of their clients money or aggravation at least once.
they r very helpful & open to suggestions, they r trying at the mo to sort out realtime charting. they said they want to supply realtime feed prices but exhanges r obviously wanting to charge to least they r trying

I believe the more feedback from people they get the more beneficial it will be if they r trying to get on edge & capture the market.

they also responded straight away, unlike many other of the SB firms.

I suggested the possiblity of a discounted feed option, which they seemed open to , propbably bit radical & asking to much , but if u don't ask u dont tend to get

Individuals on this and other threads seem to be reporting problems about CMC spreadbetting such as not being able to log on at times, trading platform MM5 freezing, orders being referred to dealers often, requotes, incorrect account balances, orders not going through immediately - and when trying to cancel orders, orders cannot be cancelled.
Has anyone who has used both the spreadbet and CFD platform experienced any of these problems through CMC CFD trading?
well progress it seems. I sent them a snotty email this morning threatening the old chestnut of the FSA and (coincidentally . . .?) they just replied saying 'please confirm what action you wish us to take, do you still want the trade cancelled?' Bit weird really. I sincerely hope for their sake cancelled means a void transaction not merely closing the position ( I already close it anyway, not prepared to take the chance they wouldn't do something). I don't know what they were expecting me to say . . .