Beginner Advice on Swing Trading

Apr 28, 2018
I recently got into trading. I mostly focus on blue chip stocks and my atrategy has been to try to make quick trades over a few days where I can pick up $100 bucks or so by following a set of rules that I’ve developed around supports.

I think this strategy lines up with what is called swing trading. A few questions below.

1. I usually trade stocks instead of currencies on Forex. With a quick buy/sell strategy what is better to trade: stocks or currencies...or something else?

2. What technical indicators are there to identify supports.? I usually look at 1/3/6 month charts to identify a support.

3. Are there ways to screen for stocks that are more cyclical? To me these seem to be the easiest to predict supports...but finding enough stocks to do this with can be a challenge.