Article Scalping vs Swing Trading

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Many people participate in the stock markets, some as investors; others as traders. Investing is done with a long term view in mind, years or even decades. Trading, meanwhile, is done to pocket gains on a regular basis.
There are many sub categories of traders. One of the common ways to distinguish them is the “time period” for which traders hold a stock, which can vary from a few seconds to months or even years. Some of the popular trading strategies are day trading, swing trading, scalping and position trading. Choosing a style that suits your own trading temperament is essential for the success in the long term. This article lays out the differences between the scalping strategy and a swing trading strategy.
Scalping The strategy of scalping targets minor changes in the intra-day stock price movement to build up profits by frequent entry and exit throughout the trading session. It is sometimes seen as a subtype of the day trading technique; scalping involves multiple...
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Swing trading allows you to spend less time analyzing financial markets. Practically eliminates the psychological factor - overtrading. This type of trading is suitable for people who prefer to spend the least amount of time on forex trading.


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Swing Trading is a trading system that is so popular for market participants (forex) so that swing trading goes well it requires an effective trading / trading system . i have try demo in FXDD but unfortunately they have restrictions on trading strategies