All my indicators say it's to early to go in just yet. However I do like the chanel. Any thoughts would be most grateful. ARM does seem to follow the NAS, and as you all know it is well up to-night.
I,m looking to go in to-morrow.
All thoughts welcome.


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Hi Greg
I bought ARM @ 333 last Thursday. I've had plenty of opportunity to take a reasonable profit, but didn't.
The large sells towards the end of trading took me by surprise until i saw the news on the placement of 13 mil shares @ 330.
Tomorrow we'll see if i've blundered, i think not, but if you're thinking of buying tomorrow i would say be patient and make sure, unless of course you're crackers like me. :)
Good luck


Junior member
Further info'
Arm was named on an analyst's list of the top 25 recommended tech stocks in the US today, I can't remember which firm produced the list but I'm sure that it will help the share short term.
I don't hold this stock myself, but wish you good luck if you do decide "get in".


Thanks for your replies, your right to suggest being patient. My problem is I can't watch my screen during mkt. hours so I guess I'm just trying to jump the gun.

Good luck
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