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I'm looking into trading cycles and my first 'dry run' is AQP, so beware.

The present dip in price co-incides with a primary cycle bottom and a trading cycle bottom. Its already retraced over 62% of its last trading cycle which may indicate a change in trend. I think we may still be a couple of days to the bottom but a 5 day Stoch has already started to turn uphill indicating a buy.
If this bottom does reverse and the up-trend continues, it would show the primary trend is starting again, giving us a fairly safe series of trading cycles.

I reckon the primary cycle length is ~ 76 days and the trading cycle length is ~ 26 days.

Any views or advice welcome
Sorry Cigar that we have not responded sooner. It must have taken some time to reach your conclusions and you have requested assistance.

Come on Guys we are a community don't forget.


AQP - Mining Sector
Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium ( South Africa )
Floated Oct'99
Opened less than £1 and has slowly risen to a high of 348 this month.
Retraced this week and another 5% down today - no volume.
Shares suspended for one week in Aug for Joint Venture announcement.

They are producing and making a profit.
Huge cash balances and more projects in the pipeline.

IMHO - P/E of 27 and more to come from this co. however nothing to suggest investing at present until Momentum, RSI etcindicators are in your favour.

ie. wait til the price starts moving up.

Good Luck