Any traders in London to share a flat?


Hi everyone,
i've been lurking around the forums for quite a while so this is my first post just now :cool:
I have been toying with this idea for quite some time so i decided to put it on the board.
As most of you,i 've been trading on my own and i guess we all agree, it can be very boring at times having no one around or someone to speak about it. As in my case,in my not so big circle of friends, no one has the slightest idea about trading so i can't discuss or share experiences with them.
They all think i am a gambler :) when i mention it and advise me to stick to ordinary jobs for making money, so i rather don't talk to them about it in general.
So would be interested to hear from people here who would consider renting a flat or a house together (minimum 3 and maximum 7-8 people i guess) so that way we could spilt the costs or rent, say we have a room each and use the lounge like a trading room, we could get a nice big screen tv and have all the channels(most importantly bloomberg and cnbc), good broadband etc.
All this would work out cheaper because we could split the bills. I imagine this to be in zone 1 or 2 in London, because me personally don't like being too far from the downtonwn area for going out purposes :).
Finally, this wouldn't be just for the sake of saving the bills, and at least for me, it would be much more about having someone around with the same interests and we could share the experiences,knowledge, also hang out,etc.
I am obviously free from any family attachments being single, so i guess that would be ideally the similar profile of candidates for this idea. By the way i am educated with a masters in Finance, have read extensively about trading, TA etc, so would love to share and learn in the future with flatmates as we trade.
Currently trading with CMC doing spreadbetting and i think for my level of capital (couple of grand) it suits me fine.
Another option could be intstead of moving all together, to rent a small bedsit or office somewhere in London where we could come and go and trade like in a small arcade.
We could bring our laptops and take them home when going back for safety, but i would prefer the idea of sharing a flat/house.

Anyone interested email at [email protected]