Any real time data recommendation?


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any real time data recommendation??


i wonder if anyone has any recommendations as to real time data feed to trade indices (or at the most 1minute delay) and cocts.

any advice gratefully recived,
thanx in advance.

There's some info under "Reviews" Data Feeds at the top here.
I've used Tenfore(Sat or Internet) for a while. Pretty good but a bit pricey. You can get a trial. I was paying about £1500pa. Depends what you need.

I am now running IQfeed with Quotetracker for European index futures, good software & good datafeed. I ran 'tenfore' for some time & 'Bis' feeds. as oatman says Tenfore is good but I find ''IQ & QT' is better feed & software , with better back-up & it works out at about £1000.00+cheaper a year for what I require.........& thats a fair amount.

Hope this Helps

As jay says, Tenfore is ok- but definetly very pricey - I think the biggest advantage that they have is, if u do not have access to internet ( i.e. internet that wont run the other packages)- then u can install a satellite............ Also in some of the other European countries, internt service is not great, so Sat is the other optuion- and hence the need for something like tenfore.........

But if u can get internt, then consider Quotetracker ( not used it yet) or esignal.............
I currently use esignal for stocks
But for most futures I use IB - interactive brokers- which can chart direct into sierra and ensign charting packages. It isn't as complete as esignal but works out cheaper. You do have to make Ib your broker though.
I use Proquote from LSE - live Level 2 and indices and futures along with RNS for about £200/per month.
At the cheaper end- why not just use GNI touch ? £50 gives you live stock & indice prices.
At the luxury end -Bloomberg for $ 1,400/month
Hi BBmac

I would suggest either:

Sierracharts with a mytrack feed about $60 a month (remember the discount at the T2W store for Sierracharts :cheesy: )
ESignal, which is about $100 a month

HTH :)
thank you to all you guys for your responses and advice