Advice on data provider - historical & real-time

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Jan 27, 2006
Advice on data provider - historical & real-time

Hi. I live in Hong Kong.
I need data to test my stratey and do analysis.
I need to get both EOD & Intraday data all over the world, including index, index futures/options; currency, forex futures/options; commodities futures/options, stock & stock futures/options.
For index, I mostly need DJ, S&P500, Nikkei, KOSPI, MSCI Taiwan, Hong Kong HSI/HHI.
For currency, Australian, British, Canadian, Japanese, Swiss, Euro.
For commodities, gold & crude oil.
For stock, Hong Kong & US.
It could be Metastock or ASCII format.

My Question is:
1) Where can I get historical EOD & intraday data?
My criteria are:
a) reliable (data contains less/no errors)
b) price (as cheap as possible; or free)
c) period (abt 5-10 years are enough; If I need to pay, it could be great if I can get unlimited update of historical data [not sure if any data provider offer this service?])

Note: I have MLDownloader.
I'm not sure if I can download these data from free sources by this program.
Currently I just know how to donwload stock info from Yahoo through MLDownloader.

I also need real-time data for day trade.
I think I'm going to use Metastock for charting/analysis.
Can you recommend me any good Metastock data feed provider?
My criteria are:
a) reliable (data contains less/no errors)
b) stable (supply data smoothly with no delay [for most of the time])
c) price (as cheap as possible, but quality comes first unless it's too expensive)
Note: I need real-time data for index & forex & commodities futures/options.
I may not need real-time stock data. But if it's cheap, I'm glad to get it too.

Thanks a lot.
May 21, 2009
Very glad to know that you are living in Hong Kong, because I was from HK too. But now I am living in Canada. I understand that the best time zone to trade Forex is in HK because the most active
market lies in the day time period. I had been using MetaStock program for 20 years and have realtime datafeed from a very reliable source. But unfortunately, it stopped it's service very recently for some reasons and now I am also intensively searching for a new and inexpensive provider. Perhaps, so far as I know, one inexpensive and reliable source is BarChart,com. Please have a look into this.
A second choice you can make use of is FXCM. It provides their customers free realtime Forex datafeed too. Please enquire with them in HK.

Hope you can find your way out and let me know if the above can help to meet your demand.

Good Luck !!!


Jun 16, 2005
hong kong
I am also looking for the intraday (1-min) futures data on HHI (HKFE). Does anyone have it or know where I could but it ?

many thanks in advance.