Another step in the right direction...


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There we go another step in the right direction...

Well Done Sharky and The Team...

Thanks Riz, it's been a busy weekend!!

The Board still need's a lot of work to get it looking like the old T2W board, but I couldn't update it with the old board still around, so here it is for now! She may not be pretty, but she's super charged! Actually it's quite a clean look and I think it's probably best to take up the whole width of the screen..

Anyway congrats for posting the first new thread/post on the new BB. Another first for Riz!

Jedi Sharky.
It's cool as first impression, Sharky...and so fast which is the most important thing...I'll keep posting later about the rest..


Speed increase is very impressive and the grey's are restful on my tired eyes.
Keep up the good work

Well done, once again to Sharky and his team. Reminds me of the way i keep playing about with indicators and parameters, everlasting looking to improve on the last effort. We will both find utopia at the end of that rainbow one day Sharky !!

Best wishes

I think I have probably used all necessary superlatives previously!! All I can say is that I agree things just keep getting better and better. However, best of all, is the speed. Well done to Sharky and all those helping to make this such a fantastic site.

Yep, like it sharky, fast and cool , just like
The script is much clearer...i like the colours.
Sir Alex might not agree though :)
Well I don't like it!
Just thought I'd be different. No point in following the pack.
Thanks for the feedback so soon,

Remember, the colors and the graphics will change - what you see at the moment, is just the default setup on the new board without any customisations. Hence no easy way to get back to the other sections. I'd agree it's faster and has some cool new features like polls, see the web feedback forum. Plus a whole bunch of stuff, I'll post a new thread with all the goodies in the week. But the most important thing for me was to move over to the new version, and make sure it works.. which it seems to be.

Just have to iron out any probs, like Hill has.. now I'm using IE on Win and the front page is good for me, I think it's ok in netscape. You can now attach files to your posts, so how about posting me a screen grab of the front page hill in the feedback forum or perhaps you can tell me exactly what is misplaced. Thanks mate.


here's a screen capture.


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Hi Hill,

Looks to me like you've got your fonts set to large instead of regular size. Are you using IE or netscape and which version? If it's IE then go to view->font's then make sure it's set to medium. Similar process for Netscape I think.


pd. Can you reply in the t2w feedback forum, cheers.
Superb, Well done Sharky & friends. thanks for all your hard work and commitment, well appreciated