FAO Sharky...


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Hi Sharky,

Looks like I've made a mass of my Nasdaq thread order...Can you please put the posts in correct order according to their time and date..and if possible change the name of the thread to "Nasdaq..." It looks like I can't change the name of thread...


Hiya Riz!

Now 502, looks like I missed your 500th post. Well there seems to be a problem with updating your exisitng posts, every time you do this it seems to move it to the end of the thread. I'm not too concerned, we're upgrading to the new BB over the next few weeks.. and this should fix any anomolies.

In the meantime keep up those excellent posts, here's looking forward to the BIG 1000!!


ps. Have rearranged the Nasdaq thread, if anyone else spots a thread where the posts are out of sync, then let me know and I'll fix it.
Cheers Sharky...

Just out of curiousity, is it possible to change a thread's name and if yes, how?

Well I'm not sure if you can change the name of the thread, even if you started the thread. What you need to do is click on the thread to open it, and then look at the bottom right corner of the page, where there's some admin options.. well there is for me. One of them may be edit thread, if you get them at all. Click that one, and in there you can change the thread name.

If that doesn't work then let me know what you want it changed to and I'll updated it for you.


Looks like that option is only for moderators..I was going to change the name of that Nasdaq thread to `Nasdaq...`


Hi Riz,

Thought it might be the case, so much for power to the people, well I'll change the thread name for you, no problem. Also will move this thread later tonight to the Website Feedback Forum too, nothing like a bit of spring cleaning.


PS. Been working on the new redesign, YES another one!! I think you're going to like it. Should be live by next weekend.
Cheers Sharky..power never to us plebs..:) looking forward to seeing the new design..no rest for the wizard eh?