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Time to start an AMEC thread here...

Good Results...

It's possible that they are winning winning part of London Underground franchise..."Kiley has reopened negotiations for the three lines with TubeRail, the Amec and Carillion consortium." (Business News, May 27)

Warburg has lifted them from BUY to STRONG BUY with a price target of 645 from 450...

Chart looks like they want to go further up having broken all resistance levels...with price hitting upper BB...MAs getting in correct order, and other indicators ticking up...

Any further views on this one?

(no finacial advice intended)


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Credit Lyonnais has repeated its "buy" advice and 513p on Amec (AMEC - news) after the construction company said it expected to match the profit forecasts made at its AGM in May. Amec opened at 505p.

Darth, I am waiting for this one to tick up before getting in...

Construction sector CNS is taking a bit of a rest. It has retraced just about back down to its longer term trendline, so lets hope.
I bought into Balfour Beatty a week ago, maybe a little early.
This sector includes 'industrial construction' and the housebuilders.
Prices have held quite well over the last week when a lot have struggled, which gives me a bit of confidence.

I got in at 510 after watching it turn round on L2...fingers crossed, eh? :)


r u still in on this or were you day trading?

Today shows a pullback to support at 490p with an intraday test to take out stops. I'm watching for the next move to see if it's up...
Hi Darth,

Still riding it.. retrace twice, higher lows on both occassions..only if it fails to break through 510 this time I might get out and watch it from the sidelines for a while...

Up +7 (1.4%) at 505