Take a look at Alvis(ALV) chart..


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ALV designing and selling specialised armour vehicles holding loads of net cash, good order book and EPS, winning new contracts, directors buying, therefore one to watch closely even only on the basis of fundementals...

But take a look at the chart too, most interesting...price keeps bouncing from 5 day MA which is in the correct order with 10 and 26 days ones, all heading up...

Price is a couple of points away from resistance which it failed to break through 3 times earlier resulting in broken cup and handle patterns, but that didn't stop it to keep trying...looks like next week we're going to witness another try, if broken with proper volume, ALV might provide great upward potential...

One to watch closely...

(No financial advice intended)


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Hi Riz.

This one's been on my radar too recently along with COB and CHG. This sector looks good and ALV issued the following news recently:

LONDON (AFX) The UK Ministry of Defence said it awarded one-year Risk
Reduction and Trials contracts worth 500,000 stg to Alvis PLC unit Alvis
Vehicles Ltd, Rolls-Royce PLC unit Vickers Defence Systems and Hunting Defence
Ltd's Hunting Engineering, the companies that are competing for a contract to
supply new armored cars for the Army.
It said that, under the so-called Future Command and Liaison Vehicle
project, the total requirement is likely to be for some 500 plus vehicles at a
total programme value of 370 mln stg.
A preferred contractor is due to be selected in 2003 with vehicles entering
service in 2006, the ministry said.
Defence Procurement Minister Lord Bach said: "These new armoured cars will
replace four types of existing armoured car, some of which are more than 30
years old and they will play a leading role in the Joint Rapid Reaction Force
and future peacekeeping operations."
Hi Darth,

it's ticking up on L2, hope you got in earlier...

ALV doing fine, ended the day up +7 (4.9%) at 151...

Yes - ALV looks good. Yesterday was a good day for Beverages, leisure and food producers too. Even DEB and AG. turned up

I'm hopeful of a rally soon.