And a Virus warning...


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I had a sad chap in today......My printer took 29 minutes to print one page of simple text...... :( Bought this new pc from PC W**** recently....... blah bla. I cant install system works 2003 either....
cut a long story short.... In it's short life , he had over 600 infected files on his system! Most of those I managed to remove most by putting his drive onto my system and virus testing it. ( be WARNED- if anyone tries this, you can irretrievably lose important files!!!!!). Then I was able to install SW2003 on his system and do a live update. Running the AV software again showed another 58 infections and they were removed. PC was still slow though.... So I looked at MSCONFIG and start up- there was about 5-600 entries, running from the registry HKCU hotkey current user. These I had to delete manually!!!!!! one by one.
Total cost- £85. Now his printer works fine :)
Moral of the story? don't bother with AV software at your peril.

I have been using Sophos anti-virus software for a few years now, however, my 'source' for acquiring this software and all its updates has since changed jobs (the swine) and so am not able to update any longer....can you recommend a decent anti-virus software to replace it....?

I've always used Nortons with no problems, others will have other ideas.I pay for mine- it's $9 a year. cheap insurance.
I also use AVG

For some reason when I used Norton I found it very difficult to get the updates so I switched to AVG and it has performed very well for me.
Norton internet Protection is the BEST...have used this in Office...home and updates flow in almost every day and automatic as last 10 years there have been NO case of virus or hacking in our system...

There was one and we were warned about it by a colleague. Norton had not only protected our system but quaranteened the culprit file. I knew about it only after looking at the reports when warned...
Hi Zambuck.
Re Norton Internet Protection is best.

I have recently bought a copy of Norton "Internet security " family edition and will install this shortly.Is this the one you are using and say is the best.?
It is Norton Internet Security 2002 purchased on line (cheaper than buying over counter) with 1 years of daily update built in...

This includes Virus protection as well...I think it was about £38 or so that I paid for upgrade...
Thanks for your reply.
I bought the 2001 disc from a local computer trade fair for about £12.00.will install this and see how it goes. If it dont work I can get a 2002 edition.
..if that version is registered in someone's name then you may be required to purchase a new Licence...a new purchase in short...
I use NAV and it is the best imo.

BUT if you want it cheap you can buy it AND other Norton systems software (Systemworks) on EBAY for about £18 for 2003 version.

Now that's cheap!