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Dear Traders,

I am the founder of a revolutionary internet technology startup which is going to create a paradigm shift in the world and change the way business will be transacted. (I am also a day trader, which is why I am looking to you for feedback and potential investment interest.). The technology may also serve the finance/day trading market, but this is NOT our main focus at this time. (We are laser focused on our goals.)

We raised angel capital in the Boston area about two years ago in order to finalize our product, and in about one month we will be ready to go live. We soft-launched the site to friends and family and produced superb results - 8x what is considered industry standard.

The patent by itself (if it gets approved by the USPTO) is potentially worth tens of millions of dollars, as our indirect competition recently raised $50M and valued at more than $2 billion.

We have about 20 employees, (including some very high caliber individuals i.e. one of the first employees at HP, a CTO from one of the top dating sites in the US, a former executive from Kodak and a few Social Media Gurus) all working for "sweat equity," as they believe wholly in the idea.

We are also leading up to making some joint ventures with technology companies that will enable us to penetrate markets outside the US, and to be exposed to 150 million+ users with ZERO marketing costs.

As proof of how good this product/technology is - I lecture at top universities in the Boston area about our company and at the conclusion of the class, most students want to join our company as interns, claiming it is a revolutionary, bold idea. (Many of them have even asked to BUY SHARES of the company. however we are NOT allowed to sell shares to non qualified investors. (Based on the SEC, they have to meet the criteria of having a net worth of $1 million and/or earn above $200K a year)

For this reason, I am considering the idea of purchasing an "Empty Clean Public Shell" - which is a non functioning ex- public company listed on the exchange, to raise money from the general public. This strategy has pros and cons - but overall our company’s story and mission is so persuasive and possesses so much potential (think FaceBook, Google etc.) it can be easily explained to the general public.

I'm assuming there are a bunch of high net worth individuals & hedge Fund Managers on this forum - So if you’re tired of chasing bars all day long, want to invest in something tangible, and own actual stock of a company which has the potential of being the Next BIG Thing, please contact me either via this forum or the information below. We have two additional potential investors - so there is a chance of a syndicated deal.

My apologies in advance for the lack of additional detailed information, but we are currently in "stealth mode". Obviously, if this post generates genuine interest by qualified individuals/investors - I will provide all information about the company.

Please be aware that this is NOT a fraud e-mail (take a look at my screen name/ID and you will see I have been a participant in this forum for a few years now) - I don't have an uncle in Nigeria that needs your help in releasing millions from the bank....;) - We are a legit Delaware C-Corporation.

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