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Dare I ask for opinions on a potential LT play... Interesting piece I came across at Bloomberg quoting Bill Brown, a fund manager with Friends Ivory & Sime on TRT:

Q: Have you got any other investments that could match BATM?

A: We feel Transense Technologies could at least quadruple from here: 100 pounds a share is not crazy.

Why do we feel that? As one of the few pure licensing revenue plays in the market, they have very interesting patented technologies, very strong intellectual property rights they can license in a number of different applications that serve most market opportunities and are driven by legislation.

full story is at:

As far as I can see TRT looks as if it's heading south for the summer, but LT could be a good bargain.

Any thoughts / comments?



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Sorry I should add a further thought to my previous posting... I gather TRT was tipped in the Torygraph just over a week ago:

Seems to me that TRT's financial PR is attempting to earn its fees at the moment, or is it merely a coincidence that these two understated :) reports appear within such a short timeframe??