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We have no problem with anyone who wants to verify FRCS's legitimacy and they are encouraged to ask as many questions as they wish about our work. Some of our best and most supportive clients were once very suspicious of us but later became 100% convinced that we are legitimate. It is also common that fraudsters intentionally demoralize their victims – convincing them that it would be hopeless to seek justice. They typically plan the fraud and its concealment with that in mind.

Advanced fee fraudsters contact most former boiler room customers. However, our clients soon learn that we are very different. Fraudsters give up on clients who make serious inquiries, since they are completely phoney and will not survive investigation. See our website for more details: One client was contacted by fraudsters and told them that he was represented by us. The fraudster immediately hung up – at least they know we are genuine.

We have had several articles published in the media about our work which mention me by name (especially in Swedish, Danish and Finnish – available on request), e.g. in the highly reputable UK Guardian:
Credit Suisse caught up in $400m shares scam
Please contact me through our website for as much verification as you wish:
Paul Morjanoff.
It is an advance fee scam for sure. Read the boiler room thread here on T2W and you will many many such stories of companies offering to sell, de-restrict or exchange worthless shares.

Hello. Please contact me at
and I will provide you with as much confirmation that we are genuine as you wish.
See also my post above.
Paul Morjanoff at FRCS.
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