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What Do you not like if anything about the EOD AIQ.

Just wanted to be first on the system board.


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Well i ain't tried the rest yet Kev, But i do like AIQ. The charting is excellent and the reports are interesting, though i have nowhere near used it as much as i should.


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I would have to disagree with your comment about the reports.
They are a good idea but i do not trust their conclusions.

In addition i would really like the historical charts to be updated real time during the day.

Does any system do this?


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He didn't say it was the best DR!
As for the data issue, I think you can update at mid day.
dont see the point though......



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If you want the latest charts why not sign up to AIQ reatime the you then get minute by minute updates.



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I know we can get rt charts but these are daily charts.

I would like to see the historical charts updated during the day on a rt basis - like bigcharts do.
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