adsl/broadband per satellite


I would like someones expert opinion on the use of ADSL per satellite for trading,I realise there is a delay factor but would I not be correct in saying with cable ADSL there is also a delay factor?
If the other option was to use ISDN which would be the better of the two.

regards PeterB
ISDN would be more responsive.

There is an inherent delay >1.5 seconds with Satellite. Some realtime applications will not run over a Satellite link.

For trading ISDN would be better but it might cost more.

Are you sure you cannot get long reach ADSL? Have you tried the Wireless Broadband suppliers. I have found Wireless broadband to be excellent.

Satelite can be affected by other factors such as weather, it can be very windy where I live and this can cause problems with the reception. I also know a few people who use satelite broadband and have had problems with reliabilty.

There is the cost aspect as well, Satelite is very expensive, where as cable ADSL is the cheapest option.
If you have a choice between satellite adsl, cable adsl and ISDN then for real time trading applications it is almost certain that the cable option would be best and cheapest unless there is heavy use of the cable facilities in the area you live in and the capacity is stretched which will lead to delay. I am not aware of any latency issues with cable but others may be

Satellite certainly suffers from what will probably be unacceptable delay and can also suffer from weather related problems (apart from wind, heavy rain or snowfall can cause problems too). It is also costly compared to the cable offerings (where available) in the UK. ISDN is an alternative but some of the heavier duty charting/trading packages are now starting to require more capacity than it provides. ISDN is expensive too even if you negotiate an "always on" line solely for your trading requirements. .