A suggestion. FAO everyone, in particular Sukhi, Cigar, Pigsy, Dr. Iraj


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To answer Sukhi's thread.
Murphy's book remain the bible. In fact, there are other bibles as well you want to read, BUT, as already pointed out, the very best course on TA is here on this board.
The market price is around £6000, you should already have sent a cheque out for £1,499, I give you a large discount, send me £2,000 and we call it a day.
Jokes apart. Sukhi's last comment highlight, I believe, the major prob with these books. You need either someone you can talk to or an induction course, at least to make sure you got it right.
Since TA is also an ART, and like any ART, it is learnt with practice, the best way to learn it, is by discussing it with other parties.
Here is my suggestion.
Why do not we take each week a security, we get those who are supposed to be more knowledgeable on TA to run a report on it, a report, which should be as educative as possible, and we then discuss the various approaches.
Off course my approach will be the best, but you can still compete for the second place!! No, I am only joking, as someone pointed out in the past, we are a gregarious team and we will be patient any time Dr. Iraj makes mistake and explain to him what he has done wrong in constructive way (Mmh, will I be able to login again under his login after this?).
Does it make any sense?
My article on the risk reward and other articles are nearly ready, these are a separate issue, but I hope will help in this direction.
Does all this make sense?

The above does not represent financial advice.
The lady does have style........and a sense of humour too. Yes, a good idea, to be started on the new BB from Monday, and we will all learn something more, I am sure of that.

Remember folks KNOWLEDGE IS POWER !!!!

Hi Charty

Thanks for your post. As usual it very informative and educational.

I think we had this discusion on these books before (through offline e-mails). The problem with books ( I found) are that the examples are very well choosen where RSI or MACD or cross over of MAs has worked perfectly on the chart. All of these authors failed to show what happens if you change the chart a bit. I like your posts on various stocks and indices. I print all the reports every day and compare your notes to the charts.

I agree with you on second point of having a share every week which all the TAs can give his/her opinion. So here is my choice BLM.
Can you give me your opinion ??

Yes - I would also be interested by BLM - as OT picked it on thurs (prev link), I am the (hopefully!) proud owner of £4000 worth, but really because it is such a good barometer of the market. It seems to exagerate all the moves! And what we see at the moment - is it a genuine "steadying of the ship", or will it prove to be a bear rally.
Interested in your views,

Sukhi, Very good point. You read books and very thing is perfect, you apply what you have read using the indicators in a Pavlovian way..and you lose more money than you would have tossing a coin!
We'll start with an example each week and we see how it goes. I am sure we will all learn something out of this.
My chart software is temporarily down (!!). As soon as it cmes up, we go for BLM.
Other analysis are welcome, and, the first, would he/she please open a new thread for this?

The above does not represent financial advice.