A Diary of a Trader


A Diary of a Trader
While Looking for Trading Tools, I Found Friends

As some of you may know, I have been away from the BB for several months now. However, one day I was searching the web for new trading tools, L2, new software, etc. and I found a site with a link to a chat room. At first I thought it was a waste of time, some bunch of bored traders just ramping, but after spending a couple hours in there, I noticed something different in the fact that they were posting their trades, using Technical Analysis, pointing out entry point, and exit point with real time charting, sharing news that someone found, calling out Level 2 data, and something totally new to the trading community, they were actually supporting each other either on their mistakes or good fortunes. I said to myself ‘WOW’, how great and refreshing compared to the bickering of the old fashion BB. A great interest struck me when they mentioned a couple of technical analysis softwares that I was interested in, like AIQ, and Omni Trader and how they use it on all their trades. Now let me tell you at any social gathering, real or in cyber space, you always feel timid at first, but they made me welcome from the start and encouraged me to post my trades and explain why, so I could see my mistakes and learn from them. And all this happens in REAL TIME. After two days of watching and learning but also participating I wanted to stay and be part of this community. Even though they were new and small, I saw great potential to being part of this. Imagine a group watching over your stocks and lending a hand any time you need it, and most importantly no ramping as they only work on hard facts. In that I found comfort. As time past, our group grew, and a closeness was formed. Now don’t get me wrong this is not trading Nirvana as there are good days and bad, especially in the current market condition but I felt comfort with my friends support. Of course there was those that came in to just sit there and never contribute, taking and never giving anything back, if you know what I mean. The working part of the group wanted more, this was a great idea but with no administration. WE WANTED MORE! What we came up with, will blow your mind! A chat room with all the help you’ll ever need on trading and it really works. All we need to do was ask and some how, some way, the answers came. Recently I have been reading some of your postings on this BB and I knew that the help I have received from this group would be a great help to some of you. It has haunted me for some time now as I wanted to share. Then one day, I approached the group with the idea to open this chat room to all. Expecting to be kicked out, I was surprised of the response in that they had all been thinking the same, but the only thing stopping us was setting up the administration part and that’s not easy.
We all work hard with the goal of making this the Best Trading Chat Room in the UK. Now for all of you that have been asking, I am happy and very proud to announced that the (TRADE2WIN) chat room is open to all to get help and learn to trade 2 win. We will be here for not only the UK market, but also the US market. We also are developing a networking system that will benefit all members to even the playing field. I am looking forward to seeing you all.. my old friend and new. I ask you to not only give this chat room a chance, but also give yourself a chance by participating. This is how we grew in the past and how we will grow from here.
Steady on there. If it gets too good, there won't be any bad ones left- they'll all be here.(We hope).hehe

Well Said, DR...our chatroom is unique..lots of solidarity, warm, helpful and skillful users..open to any decent traders or novice traders..no doubt it can only get better..I think all our members should at least pop in now and then...


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Chat room sucess

We have something very special in the T2W chat room. There certainly are some very skilful traders present who will always offer warm friendly advice.

I would recommend the T2W room as a must to those who haven't visited.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the back room team for setting up such a facility, and my sincere thanks to the regular T2W traders who have helped me develop a more successful trading strategy.

Here’s to a hugely successful Y2K1.