10 FTSE100 most trade-able shares


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I want to monitor a small number of FSE100 shares with a view to swing trading them soon.

So here's my question to the traders out there :

Which are the 10 best shares to trade ?

Answers gratefully received.

FTSE 100 stocks to trade

If you are going to be Spread-Betting then you want shares that show Volatility.
You can see this very well by looking at Candlestick charts. Just look at the size of the candles !
Also think about the time span you plan to trade - are you day trading or swing trading over a longer period ?
Some people are happy range trading using channels or Bollinger Bands - again look at the charts and you will find shares that show quite distinctive Support and Resistance levels - with the price 'ranging' between the two . Beware that eventually prices will break out and a new range will be created.

Hope this helps

Hi ivorm

I don't actually swing trade FTSE stocks but I do monitor a handful of stocks and trade them using Options.

I looked for stocks with nice big moves (volatile) and smooth charts so they were good for TA.

My list at the moment appears to be a lot of banks:

ANL, AV., BARC, HBOS, HSBA, LLOY, STAN (also RBOS but I don't trade it)


Interestingly stocks go in and out of my list e.g. AZN is volatile - too volatile for my view, but is calming down so may come back into the list.

OGE is looking interesting but unfortunately there are no Options.

I use bog standard TA: Support and Resistance, Trendlines and Bollingers plus I like Patterns and Fibonacci for targets.

HTH - good luck

Hi Ivorm

My top eight would be.

  • AVZ (Amvescap) - It follows the FTSE very well

    From the banking sector
  • BARC (Barclays)
  • RBS (Royal bank of Scotland)
  • ANL (Abbey National)

  • AZN (Astra Zenica)
  • GSK (Glaxo SmithKline)

  • CS. (Corus group) - I know it's not in the FTSE 100, but it trades very well on a long-term basis.

Sorry I can only think of 8.

HTH :)
Top 10 for volatility according to Sharescope (tonights) are:

A good way is to look at the volume associated with the stocks. I get very similar names as those above by picking stocks with jumps in on balance volume
Best pick them from various sectors, still here are 6 of those I find most tradable: anl, bsy, rio, pson, avz, pru
Hi Ivor,

Poor you, you seem to have a long list rather than a short one! Another thing I look at is the actual price of the share. I know what risks I am prepared to take with my account. For example I will take a 3% risk with my FOFLS trades because I know the system. For "hunches" I would only take a 1% risk. That to a certain extent makes some of the higher priced shares (although there are fewer of those about now) out of my price range to trade because I couldn't place the stop in my risk tolerance area.

Just another factor to throw in to the general confusion.
Hi guys,

Thank you all for your replies. You've given me a good selection of shares that I can look at now and then narrow down to my list of ten to watch.

Helen : thanks as always for your comments, but what's 'FOFLS' (I bet I'll kick myself when you tell me !)

Maybe it is also worth to distinguish between intraday/week/month swings, and then check charts accordingly, I usually trade them intrday, rarely hold for days...

I like your idea of trading only RBOS I am trying this one can I make money by just trading RBOS. Also your trading is it SB or level 2. Im SB with Deal 4 Free.
I have always made most money by trading one stock only. after a while you can read it fairly well. I have found RBS a bit difficult, although that is just a personal thing. The only problem I discovered is that if you start to do lots of deals in the same stock every day, D4F throw their toys out of the pram and send all your trades to a dealer which slows progress and reduces the gain / increases the loss. Be careful. Limit your number of deals and do not draw attention to yourself.
Thanks Catsdad.
I have decided to limit my trading to a small number of stocks and am trading Barcaly and RBOS.Your info about too many deals in the same stock with D4F is usefull.
J...mind if I get my feet wet right away?

There is a lot to be said about trading a tracking stock for the whole index, rather than juggling a few singles. But if you must; then run a pre-defined screen to gather your candidates...

Any internet search engine will lead you to a website that will have a free screening program. If you can not find one you like then ask the members what screen they use, but not what they trade... You should ask them what they trade after you have asked them if they use FA or TA.

There is only one other way to make a good choice:


Please feel free to ask me if I am an idiot,

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