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    What's your ambition re trading?

    Looks like someone just realised his ambition.... to LOSE £3.7 Billion on the markets. French Employers nonchalantly say...OH WELL, looks like we need to raise £4 Billion....Would you TRUST them with a PENNY :-) All traders should learn who their real friends are before they make a fortune...
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    Question to anyone trading for a living

    Trading for a Living Well, it's ROLLERCOASTER.....UPS AND SCARY DOWNS. You buy at $30 and the next day it GAPS DOWN TO $15...your SCARED WITLESS OR YOU NEED THE TOILET:-) (I know a guy that happened to....NERVOUS WRECK...:-(....gave him some advice...SELL....he held on to $3 then sold on...
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    Most annoying word in trading...

    Most annoying words in Media IT'S A BULL MARKET:lol: WHEN the markets are tanking over 200 points with lower HIGHS:D SUCKERS .... if it's in the media it's OVER... the BANDWAGON has come and gone. Warren Buffet said BUY when others FEAR! ie American Express:smart: Else learn COMPOUND...
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    FX-2008: w/c Jan-14th

    Made 257.89 percent in 2007 trading the markets. That was BAD made over 350% in 2006, I'm slacking :-) Follow the trend my friend, but it can change, occasionally :-) Happy trading. BTW that chart is going SIDEWAYS ....Don't trade it! yah money is in the BIG swing....Mr Livermore Made over...
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    2008 Top Sectors worth ($10,000) at least

    Listen carefully, the top THREE SECTORS in the USA are: Basic Materials : did you know that 42% of companies are up more than 2% in the Basic materials sector. Technology: did you know that 36% of companies are up more than 2% in the technology sector. The only other sector that comes close...
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    Question to anyone trading for a living

    Keep a VISUAL (CHART) DIARY OF all your trades and look analyse all your trades every week! Keep what works and look for patterns in your trading and the market you trade. Live long and prosper. Cut losses and develop a good exit strategy.
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    All things FTSE

    Ftse100 Orrible Chart Wanted to trade ftse100 but when I saw the chart at 9am didnt bother and I was right! :cheesy:
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    Welcome to CANSLIM Investing

    Jack Dreyfus and William O'Neil Rules OK !!! Welcome Andy, sounds like a good thread too me !
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    Slim Jim's

    A similar system that people use to make a living, nip down to your local library and see if they have it. Fisher describes his ACD system and how it works in a book entitled The Logical Trader. Also have you tried a website called ......, just don't get carried away with...
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    FTSE100 - January 2005

    In the UK it was, so that all you brits could sleep in after binge drinking all night and kissing lamp posts !!!! Where talking about the Real Markets in the good ol 'U S A !!! While you lot were fast asleep the markets changed trend that's why your still probably bullish, when the smart...
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    Want to make 29000% in One Year ?

    He has a great website called if anyone is interested in learning more about this incredible trader.
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    Want to make 29000% in One Year ?

    Where have you all been? On mars .... bar ! Here is one for all you trading skeptics. It can be done and has been done.... Introducing Mr Dan Zanger !!! Zanger puts his money where his mouth is. He holds the unofficial record in trading stocks by turning $11,000 into more than $18 million in...
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    Want to make 29000% in One Year ?

    Can it be done? Making over 29000% return in one year trading the stock market ?
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    FTSE100 - January 2005

    I followed the method of Mr William O'Neil, trend change on 4th distribution day which occurred the day after on the 4th, just as that nice Mr O'Neil said. Obviously I'm looking to see if the next high is lower than the previous one which would confirm a trend change. The Ftse refused to turn...