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    Confessions of a local

    Fantastic thread. Really enjoyed reading the posts - all that emotion; the fear, the elation; we can all relate to this.
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    If bank savings become at risk, how safe are clients funds in a trading account?

    Too right - especially when firms like Alpari have this as part of the Terms and Conditions that you have to agree to before opening an account. "I consent to transfer or otherwise pass full title to, and ownership of, Non-segregated Funds (as defined in clause 6.2 of the Customer Agreement) to...
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    CMC New Charting Package

    Well I filled in the form to withdraw my funds and close my CMC account hopefully the funds should be back with me tomorrow. In the box marked 'briefly specify the reason for you wishing to close the account' I told them exactly why I was leaving - a change for the worse with the new charts...
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    CMC New Charting Package

    Hi Pete, Nice to see you on the forum - hope you find it helpful. I'm going to contact CMC today as well and close my account with them - the new charts are an absoloute farce (as I mentioned on the Plus+ forum as well). I've been with them for nearly four years now and had no complaints up...
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    Alpari T &C's Was just going the motions of opening an account with Alpari UK - now that FXCM have finally transferred the funds back to my account - however I noticed the following clauses that you are meant to agree to and I'm not sure if this is standard practice or not, but the last clause...
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    A new revolutionary trading robot?

    I read on another website/forum that the way they have no losing trades is because they have a huge stop loss - in excess of 500 pips! (Don't think I could live with that sort of drawdown!) :thumbsdow
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    10 minutes browsing T2W & my browsers as slow as a wet weekend

    Also try System Mechanic 8 - you can trial it for 30 days without buying. It will check your system and get rid of clutter and speed things up no end. Download System Mechanic®
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    Problems with FXCM

    Thanks Options - I'll do that.
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    Problems with FXCM

    No the US FXCM - and I'm getting really worried about them.
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    Problems with FXCM

    Is anyone else experiencing problems with FXCM at the moment? We have been trying to withdraw funds from an account with them for nearly two weeks now and just keep getting passed from one person to another, and asked again and again to resend details/withdrawl forms etc. But nothing is being...
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    Fx 2008

    'Fraid not, going for the whole week! But I am taking my laptop -though what reception there is half way up a mountain in the Lake District I'm not sure :lol: I'm just thinking back to last August - the markets certainly didn't hang around then and it turned out to be a really piptastic few...
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    Fx 2008

    ISM didn't do much either. I was really hoping that the amount of news yesterday and today would shake things up a bit in the market but nothings happened. I've only had two trades all week - both on GBP/USD (both came in winners - which was nice :clap:) Apart from that it's been a really slow...
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    Not staying logged in

    The same has been happening to me too. I mentioned it to Sharky yesterday and the tech guys will be looking into it next week.
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    Concept FX

    Just wanted to ask a question regarding the results that Concept publish. Are the entry and exit dates for the beginning or end of that day. For instance, they give: - 28-07-2008 24-07-2008 Sell EURGBP 0.7895 0.7925 -30 £31 (£930) The entry was on 24 July - but was that at midnight (very...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi Everyone, I'm Jill Bray, 40 years young and I live in Guernsey, Channel Islands. By profession I'm an architectural technologist and chartered surveyor, but I became interested in trading just over 3 years ago and since then have spent every spare moment learning all I could about it. I work...